Today is a different post as it's not beauty related, so if these posts aren't exactly your thing I dont mind you skipping it.

However for you people who have continued to read on meet Sheldon my long haired Guinea Pig.

Sheldon today (22 weeks old)
I went to the petstore one day back in late march and fell in love with this lil fellow and did nothing but begged my parents to be allowed have him. After one really bad day in college (April 1st to be exact) I came home and walked into the sitting room and there was the cage with all the supplies and this little guy chilling in it, although he was a lot smaller back then. I was over the moon when I seen my parents had bought him for me.

Sheldon at 9 weeks old - 1st Day having him

I've never had a pet that is just mine before, yes I've had a dog before but technically he wasn't mine as I didn't feed him and it was my parents who got him and looked after him so Sheldon is officially my first pet, and because of this I do get a little carried away when in a pet store that has a section especially for guinea pigs.

About 1/4 of the stuff I picked up while at the Pet store recently.

Sheldon is now 22 weeks old and is a cheeky lil fellow who only wants you to feed him and then leave him alone. My mam told me the day the woman in the pet store was selling him to my parents she said 'they love cuddles,adore just sitting on you while you're petting them etc etc' well I definitely got the one with the attitude because he hates all them things. However he is adorable so I don't mind.

If you've read on this far Sheldon would like to say a big...

Have you got any pets, if so what and how long? :)