I dont know about yous but these kind of posts I absolutely love reading because I'm nosey and like to see what people carry around with them. So as I was about to empty my bag I decided to do this post, I hadn't emptied it in a good while so I didn't even know what was in it when I was going through it. But anyways enjoy!

My bag is from a small boutique I used to work in. I have so many bags but no matter what I always go back to this one I just adore it and it has so much room. However I do feel like it's starting to fall apart but sadly I cannot find one like it anywhere!

Purse (I hate) from Tescos

Tanya Burr Lipgloss in Picnic in the Park
Baby Lips in Hydrate
Kate Moss Rimmel Lipsttick in 110


My Scissors. (This is probably illegal in some way when Im not working)

Bag Hanger that looks like a Lock
Loose Change

iPhone 5
Make-up Studio Setting Powder
Bare Minerals Powder Brush
Hayfever Spray

Sure Deodrant
Lady Gaga Perfume (pretty much gone)
Sunglasses from Primark

A pack of Loom Bands 
Assorted Bracelets.

Bobby Pins
Mini Wonderstruck Perfume
Hayfever Tablets
Invitation to Professional Beauty

And that is the contents of my handbag. Whats in yours?