Is it just me or does anybody else absolutely despise washing their makeup brushes, it just feels like such a chore to me and I really don't enjoy it. Honestly I probably don't wash these as much as I should but I have started using an antibacterial brush spray from makeup revolution after everytime I use them now so they are somewhat clean. 

I don't use any fancy makeup brush shampoo/cleaner I just use Johnsons baby shampoo as I find it works perfectly with removing the product. Sometimes I will also use fairy liquid on the foundation brush to get rid of all the product as sometimes the johnsons isn't strong enough to remove all the foundation.

I simply just dip the brush into the water and put a small amount of the baby shampoo and swirl the brushes in it until clean. 
Today I decided to wash my brushes while I had my cupcake face mask on from lush (smells delicious, also hope it doesn't matter if you leave it on for an hour I'm slow at washing my brushes) to try and make it feel like well not a chore. note: it still felt like a chore and I didn't enjoy it at all

After washing the brushes I normally leave them lying flat or upside down to dry all day and night, hence why I do this on a Sunday because hooray no makeup day. This was also my first time washing the Zoeva brushes and they didn't shed at all which I was so terrified about happening.

How often do you wash your brushes, what do you use to wash them?