It's only Monday and all thats on my mind is new make up brushes new make up brushes! Between watching the postman and tracking my parcels I will more than likely drive myself to insanity by the middle of the week.

So while desperately waiting for my new brushes to arrive I decided to do a post of my current most used brushes! 

Recently out of all my brushes so far I've been constantly picking for these magical 8! Until all my new one's arrive and these are cast aside for a while.

These are basically the brushes I use to do my everyday makeup and going out makeup. Im one of those people that when they find something the like and it does a really good job I wont try something new I'll just stick with it.

(Top) Real Techniques Expert Face Brush €13.29/€6.71
(Bottom) Real Techniques Stippling Brush €15.99/€7.45
(First price is Boots and second price is from Real Techniques website, as you see theres a huge difference which I have only recently found out)

Foundation wise I have been switching from the Real Techniques 'Expert Face' brush and 'Stippling' brush. When I want a heavy coverage from my foundation I usually use the Expert Face brush and then for when I only want light coverage, like now in the summer time I use the Stippling brush. These brushes are amazing just like all the other Real Technique brushes I have tried. Since the warm weather is in like I said I have been using the Stippling brush alot because not going to lie when I purchased these two together the Stippling one was cast to the side because I got so used to using the Expert Face instead.

Apologies for none of these brushes being clean as I used them this morning.

However using the Stippling brush over these Summer months I have fallen in love! I adore the finish it gives to my foundation, it just helps distribute it so perfectly. The bristles are also so soft on your face and don't fall out like other brushes I have owned. If you are looking for a new foundation brush I would recommend this one 100% as it is absolutely amazing.

(Top) Bare Minerals Full Flawless Face €28.00
(Bottom) Bare Minerals Max Coverage Concealer €17.00

I've had these brushes a good few years now and again I've only recently started using them again the past few months. 
The 'Full Flawless Face' brush is perfect for your setting powder as the brush is really big. Not going to lie though the bristles sometimes can feel a little scratchy and some tend to fall out while powdering your face which isnt exactly ideal.
The 'Max Coverage Concealer' is a nice size to apply concealer and any neutralizer you may need. This is definitely alot softer out of the two and does it's job well.

(Top) Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush (set-starter kit) €28.99/€13.41
(Bottom) Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush (set-starter kit) €28.99/€13.41
(Again price in Boots first and then Real Techniques website price)

Back to Real Techniques this time for their eye brushes (writing this I just realised I forgot to take a photo of the eyebrow brush but again its the Real Techniques one.)
The 'Deluxe Crease' brush is really fluffy and quite big and for that reason I use it to apply eyeshadow to my lid as I like to have control of how far i go up my lid with my colour and blending etc.
I use the 'Base Shadow' brush to apply colour to my crease and start to blend it. I prefer using this in my crease just because it's a lot thinner and I find you have control with where you're putting the product.

(Top) Fuschia Fluffy Crease Brush €17.00
(Bottom) Fuschia Mini Angled Brush €8.00

And lastly some eye brushes not from Real Techniques. These brushes are from Fuschia which I think is only available in limited places in Ireland.
The 'Fluffy Crease' brush I use to just finish my blending after using the Real Techniques. This brush is so soft and does an amazing job at blending your eyeshadows.
Finally the 'Mini Angled' brush which I use to apply my gel liner. I got so used to doing cat flicks with this brush as the shape really helps achieve the classic look.

And there you have it my most used brushes! Also hooray for better quality photos in this post as I used a Canon eos 400D to take them and I have to admit the difference is crazy and I am slightly in love with it.

What are your most used brushes? Do let me know in the comments below as I would love to find out are there any brushes Im missing out on not using.