NYX HD Concealer ♡

Concealers are something that not very often stand out to me. So when my town got a NYX stand I was so overwhelmed with everything I really had no idea what I was picking up. After standing there for 20 minutes (yes 20!) I picked up 4 products, one being the HD Concealer.

I picked this up in the lightest shade there was which was 01 Porcelain because I wanted to use it as a highlighter, like I said concealers don't stand out to me often so I wasn't expecting anything amazing from this. The colour choice was perfect for highlighting as I was slightly concerned it would match my snow white skin but thankfully it's lighter than my foundation. 

Purple & Black Lashes? Yes Please! ♡

Purple is one of my favourite colours to wear on my eyes. I also adore wearing false lashes and when I seen these pack of 10 Purple and Black eyelashes* I fell in love with them!

Unlike most affordable false lashes the band/seam of these are practically invisible which is great to help blend into your natural lash line. The lashes help give you some length as well as adding a pop of colour to the eyes but still manage to look natural. As always to apply the lashes you gently remove them from their packaging and measure them against your eye for size, personally I had to cut four parts of lashes off each strip.

This set of lashes will only set you back €6.38 which is such a great price for 10 sets. You can re-use these a good few times also once you treat them with care. After removing them from your eyes be sure to remove any adhesive from the band so that it will keep the lashes in good condition. If you want to find out more about these lashes you can find them on the Born Pretty Store website here.

My iPhone 6 Plus Case ♡

Finding the perfect iPhone case is always really hard for me as I always have something pictured in my mind and I just end up not being able to find it anywhere. When I received this phone back in November I knew I wanted a phone case that was see through so I could still see the gold back on the phone. 

After looking for months and I mean months! I finally found one on eBay (what a surprise ey?!) in January that was absolutely perfect and was exactly what I was looking for. A see through case with purple glitter and stars and it all moves when you move the phone...yes please!

Roller Lash by Benefit : My Thoughts ♡

I really don't like writing negative reviews on my blog, let's be honest though I don't think anybody enjoys writing negative reviews. However I've seen so many rave reviews about this product I feel like I'm missing something.

When Benefit released news of their newest mascara Roller Lash everybody including myself got excited. Finding out that there was going to be a sample size of the product in the latest issue of Elle magazine I got dressed and done my makeup and off I walked to Tesco. On my way home the weather decided to change and grant me with a snow storm...it was bloody freezing and by the time I got home I couldn't feel my ears, legs or hands.

The packaging is gorgeous, on the full size of the product the cap is a bit more detailed to give it a look of a roller. This mascara claims that you do not need any lash curlers as this will do all the work for you giving you a gorgeous curl! Benefits They're Real mascara is a cult product for almost everyone including myself and so I had high hopes for this as how could they fail with a mascara when they have something perfect like They're Real.

You Use That To Apply Eyeliner?! ♡

Winged liner is a must for me, I just love the look it gives and I feel weird if I don't wear it. I'm all about making it as easy as possible, meaning I'm constantly changing and trying out different brushes to see will any make it easier. 

I used to use winged liner brushes and thought they were my holy grail and I will admit they are great, especially if you don't have a steady hand or are just starting out with gel liner. After the winged liner brushes I moved onto the Real Techniques silicone liner brush as I liked the sharper edge and more control it gave me. Again I thought this was my holy grail (anything that makes eyeliner easy I grant as 'holy grail') and after months and months of using it one day I picked up the Real Techniques 'detailer brush' as I don't use it for anything else and decided to apply my gel liner with it. I'm not quite sure why I even thought to do this but I'm glad I did as I really loved the result. (See FOTD post here where I used brush to do my eyeliner)

Brush Cleaning Tool From eBay ♡

 eBay is a great website to find little gems on it and recently during my few little purchases (find here and here) I decided to pick up something in hopes that it would make cleaning my brushes less time consuming and all over just easier. I picked up a little silicone mitt called the Brush Egg.

Personally I had only ever seen this product once on Instagram back in Summer of last year and have never read a review about it or anything but thought to myself how bad could it actually be?!
The Brush Egg is a silicone mitt small enough to slot in two fingers to hold it and has two different textures on the glove to help give the brushes a good clean. The bigger grooves for face brushes and the small dots for eye brushes.

Current Beauty Wishlist ♡

NYX Eyeshadow Base: My town recently got a NYX stand and I am beyond happy about it. The products I've tried so far I have been loving so I have a huge list of products I want to try out. The eyeshadow base is definitely at the top of my list as my eye bases are almost gone and I want to give it a try.

MUA Blush in Lolly: I am currently in love with this brands eye palettes and concealers/correctors so I really want to try more of their range. I think this blush colour would be so lovely coming into Spring time.

Sleek Brow Perfector: I haven't tried many brow gels and the ones I have tried haven't exactly worked for me. This is a clear one but they also come in colours and because Sleek never disappoint with their products I have high hopes for this so hopefully I will be able to get my hands on it.

Face Of The Day ♡

The sun has decided to start showing, yes finally! So I thought why not try something new with my makeup. I've been looking at lots of inspiration on Pinterest and have been loving pinks and oranges as they just look perfect for Spring.

Please forgive me for the photos, I'm still learning how to take photos of makeup on, which sounds a bit strange but if you're a blogger you will know what I mean..hopefully.  Eye makeup wise I used shadows from Makeup Revolution and Makeup Studio. I did do it a bit subtle as I wasn't sure how well the colours would actually suit me, but I really liked it and I will probably go a bit more heavy next time and not blend it out as much. 

W7 In The Night ♡

If you've been reading my blog for awhile you will know that W7 are one of my favourite affordable brands for their amazing quality cosmetics for affordable prices. Ranging from eyeshadows to lipsticks to nailpolishes to hair colours they really have something for everybody.

For Christmas I received the In The Night palette which is an absolute dream of a palette. The tin case is the most gorgeous purple colour with the writing in bold gold letters. The case closes securely so you know that the products inside will be safe in your collection or makeup bag. Inside the palette you get 12 gorgeous colours along with a little brush and applicator which I don't actually use. 

Sigma 3D Kabuki Ebay Edition ♡

Back around the same time I purchased the eBay edition of the Real Techniques setting brush (find post here) I picked up this brush that looked very like the Sigma 3D Kabuki brush. When it arrived I was again very surprised with the quality.
I have never used any Sigma brushes so I cannot compare …

A Not So Beauty Haul ♡

I'm not exactly on a spending ban but I also haven't exactly been on a huge spending spree recently. I just haven't been near any shops and to be honest it's probably safer if I don't go into town as I am trying to save! However I have picked up a few bits and bobs recently and surprisingly nothing was beauty related except for the Benefit mascara but technically I bought the magazine and that was in it.

Starting with magazines I did pick up the latest Elle magazine because of the new Benefit mascara in it and I wanted to give it a try. I won't say much about the mascara here as I am going to be posting a review of it. The day I went to the shop to purchase this, as I was walking home there was a snow storm and oh my goodness, I have never been so cold in my entire life. This magazine is not something I would usually or ever buy because it's basically a magazine of advertisements. Although it is great to use in backgrounds of photos so I won't complain too much!
 I also recently picked up the latest Stellar magazine because my fave was on the cover of it. Again what came into mind was 'hey another magazine, I could totally use that for background of photos'. I do think this is an irish magazine so I'm not sure if you can get it in England etc. I'm not one who ever really reads or buys magazines to be honest unless theres someone I really like on the front.

Life Recently Through My Instagram ♡

As much as I would like to have an Instagram account full of gorgeous photos with white backgrounds and pretty flowers, I don't. As I don't really have an account full on dedicated to this blog (and trust me I would if I didn't have to sign in and out of different accounts) I use my Instagram that I've had since, well since it became a thing. I thought it would be nice just to do a little update on what I've been up to the past week (truth be told, nothing exciting because I was still getting over a cold. Finally it has completely gone!)

I received a nice little package from The Blogger Programme which made me smile. Inside was a tote bag with their logo on it along with some Peppersmith mints (which are amazing by the way) and some little notes about the mints.

I placed an order on Xtravision for some new films as I've been treating myself to a lot recently but the one I was most excited about receiving was The Purge & The Purge Anarchy. I don't know if it's strange to say these are two of my favourite movies but they are, I like it because no other movie had done something like this. So it's not your regular 'horror movie' with jump scares and what not. Both dvds came in a little boxset and to be honest I got way too excited about that.

As always I watched the grammys and my all time favourite looked absolutely amazing. Taylor's dress was absolutely beautiful and I am in love with her shoes she was wearing, they were just the perfect lilac colour. 

Makeup Academy Cosmetics ♡

 Back in December for Christmas I got some MUA products to try out which I was mega excited about as I had heard so many good things about this brand, as it's only available in England it's not exactly easy to get my hands on it so when I seen these I was super excited! I received 2 eyeshadow palettes, a prime & conceal palette and 2 of their eyebrow pencils.

Twelfth Night Eye Shadow Palette £4.00: Consisting of 12 shimmery & matte shades, the colours range from whites to browns to olive toned shades. What really surprised me about these was the quality. Surprisingly they are amazing. The colours are creamy, easy to blend and are very pigmented. These were really great shades for Winter and they created the perfect dark smokey eye consisting of whatever colour you feel like really! I also love how on the back of the packaging they have a diagram of the shadows and have the names wrote on the colours which I think is a nice little touch. Ranging from lovely little names such as 'Frost, All Spice' and 'Enchant'.

Fibre Lashes ♡

Say goodbye to lengthening mascaras and false lashes and say hello to the new best thing!
Fibre mascara has definitely blown up in the last few months and with tons of brands to choose from it's quite overwhelming. What I found about all these mascaras was they cost a lot of money and although I had heard so many great reviews about them I wasn't exactly planning on spending a ridiculous amount of money on something I may not actually like or get on with. So of course I love a good old affordable product but who doesn't?!

Although when a product is cheap I do have my doubts that it will actually work but I'd much rather spend a little on a product and be disappointed than spend a lot of money on one to absolutely hate it. However after finally giving into the hype of fiber lashes I decided to try one out. The Fibre lash and mascara set* I ended up trying was from Born Pretty Store. I have tried products from Born Pretty before and after being blown away by the quality I knew I'd like this.

Happy Valentines Day ♡

It seems that on any 'occasion' kind of day I pick up my camera and take a few festive snaps of Sheldon. Today was no exception. Scattering rose petals on top of my countertop and putting a heart made of willow (which is actually for Sheldon to chomp on) and my hot water bottle in the back…

Affordable Beauty Products || Nail Polish ♡

Normally when writing posts I'd forget to mention nail polishes way too much, so I decided to dedicate a whole post to my favourite affordable brand nail polishes! I love having my nails painted as well they always look nice when they are freshly painted. Here are some I'd recommend trying out if you're on a budget.

These polishes are my most used out of all the ones I own. As you can see I love me some neutral colours but also some statement colours too! All these polishes range from €1.26 - €6.79 so there really is something for every budget. I usually put a base coat on before applying and then a top coat after applying and find they will last at least 4-6 days. They may last longer on others but myself and nail polish just don't seem to get on any longer than that as it just magically disappears off my nails. I find these polishes don't chip or peel off easily. They are pigmented really well and with just two coats you're good to go. 

I am on the look out for a nude coloured nail polish that is affordable so if you can recommend one please let me know as I cannot find one anywhere!

Tanya Burr Nail polish (pictured 'Penguin Chic') €6.79: This is one of my favourite colours from Tanya's range. The colour is absolutely perfect and really exaggerates the length of your nails. It's also has such a nice shine to it even without a top coat. I have actually worn this a few times before without a top coat and have to say I was really impressed with how long it lasted without chipping. 

Makeup Revolution Nail Polish (pictured 'Take Me') €1.26: This is such a gorgeous colour and has almost like a bluey sheen through it. The only thing I will say is that I find you do have to apply this 3 times to get the full on colour, but once it's 3 thin coats it's perfect.

Girly Night In Essentials ♡

After being ill all week long I didn't really do anything, spending my time mostly taking medicines and falling asleep for a couple of hours everyday. Now that thankfully I'm almost better (cough and blocked nose refuse to leave me) I decided why not have a relaxing day to help me fully recover! Here are a few of my essentials

A Good Film: Depending on what kind of mood I'm in really depends on the kind of movie I watch. I love good old classics like Mean Girls and of course I'm Disney obsessed so anything Disney will go down well especially if its Frozen or Tangled but I also love movies such as The Purge 1 and 2. Watching one of your favourite movies or ones you've never seen before while you relax I find just put you in such a good mood! 

A Onesie: Onesies are really the best thing, my one is a pink care bear and it is honestly the softest thing ever! My favourite thing has to be the hood just because it's so adorable and it has little ears. I got this in Heatons in the January sales and have worn it so much. Onesies are so great to keep you warm and snuggly especially when they have a hood!

Updated How Much Is My Face Worth ♡

Back in July 2014 when I started blogging I had done one of these posts but since then my makeup has changed so I thought why not do an updated version to give myself another heart attack because of the money I've spent. Fun right!?!
Products Used - Benefit Porefessional €34.00 - MUA Prime &…

Karora CC Cream ♡

Firstly I want to say sorry for not posting anything for the last five days as I was ill and had no energy and was sleeping most of the days! Thankfully I feel alot better now and so posts will go back to being daily!

Now that the days are becoming brighter and it's not getting as dark as quickly, it's also getting a little warmer (I live in Ireland I mean little as in a pinch of salt!). Which means goodbye snow white skin and hello sunkissed goddess! During Winter and the colder months I don't bother going near tan because lets be honest you're going to be wearing warm clothes and the only skin you'll be showing is your hands and face so whats the point. If you tan all year around please give me your energy and effort because I'm just too lazy.

Sometimes your plans change. What I mean by that is you had no plans to leave your house and you're planning to chill in your lounge wear all day and then bam family occasion or meet up with friends etc. Normally you'll dress up and want a tan but don't have time to do the whole tanning progress well let me introduce you to an amazing product you can use as makeup and as tan! Interesting ey?!

January Favourites ♡

January is finally over and it legit felt like the longest month of my life. My favourites for January was actually hard to narrow down as I wasn't sure if I was just liking some of the products or loving them because I was trying out so many new products from Christmas. Anyways I narrowed it down to nine assorted products/things.

Breville Blend Active: I'm not one to eat fruit, you would never really see me with an apple in my hand unless I was forcing myself to eat it. However I love smoothies so getting this for Christmas was a great thing! Now because of this I know I'm getting fruit into my diet and it's somewhat healthy!? Well about 5% of it anyways. I may have also made the odd cheeky oreo milkshake using this and it's too die for, but we'll pretend that never happened.

Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask: When I got the Origins Mask Marvels this mask was the one I most excited to try out (read more about it here). I found that it really helps my skin when it may be dry and just need a pick me up. It also leaves my skin feeling so unbelievably soft when you wake up in the morning. I will more than likely buy this in full size when I run out as I really do love it and feel like it does so much good for my skin.

Hot Water Bottle: How have I lived without one of these little magical things. I was constantly saying how much I wanted a water bottle and for Christmas my brother got me a mini sized one in a hot chocolate and mug set. I have used this so much as it's still a bit chilly it's so lovely for when you are lounging around or going to bed for some extra warmth. I also love how it has a little heart jumper on it, it's just so cute.

Brand Focus || W7 ♡

If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that W7 are one of my favourite affordable brands. Along with being affordable their products are amazing quality, they are highly pigmented, long lasting and great to work with! I decided to throw a few of my favourite products together that I have tried so far as I definitely think they are worth trying out! You'd also be very surprised by the dupes you would come across! Yes I'm talking Benefit and Urban Decay dupes..W7 I worship you at your feet!

Skin Fresh Concealer in Fair*: Theres nothing I love more than a good concealer that does it's job and does it well! This little gem I have been loving for covering any impurities and for under my eyes. It's not thick and doesn't crease at all. Once I've powdered it I know it will stay and not disappear after a few hours! Foundation wise I'm currently using Rimmel Match Perfection in shade 101 and this concealer is such a perfect match in the shade fair! These concealers are only £4.95 which is such a great price for this little gem.

Go Corrective Concealer in Lavender*: Honestly what would we do without corrective concealers?! This particular one is in the colour Lavender which is great for hiding dark circles under the eyes and any dark spots. I use this under my eyes to get rid of the darkness and it really helps just brighten everything up and helps you..well look awake as sometimes we all need a little or alot of help when it comes to that. This is so pigmented and creamy! These are also only £4.95 and come in four different colours to help with different problems!

Night Glow Highlight & Illuminator: There is nothing I love more than a product that is rose gold! I just find the colour so gorgeous and flattering you really cannot go wrong. So if you are like me and love a little bit of rose gold in your life say hello to this little gem. This is the most gorgeous liquid highlighter I own and I am constantly using it when I'm using my Benefit Rockateur blusher. I have done a post about them both last year if you want to read a little more about them you can here. £4.95

 The Honey Queen: Isn't the packaging amazing! Remind you of anything?! I have been really loving wearing this blush lately it's just such a gorgeous pinky coral colour and after going through my other blushes from a certain brand I have found a dupe! So look out for that post really soon as I think you may get excited and save yourself some serious amount of pennies. The blush comes with a little brush also which is handy if you're doing your makeup on the go. £4.95

Affordable Skincare ♡

When I was a teenager (talking late teens) skincare was never something I really bothered with. I'd take off my makeup with the Payot cleanser and toner and that would be as far as it would go! Since then I can no longer get my hands on that brand which makes me sad as I adored it. Anyways as much as I wanted to get into skincare I just couldn't, but now more recently especially last year I've gradually started to take care of my skin. I decided to put a few of my favourite affordable items together because sometimes you just don't have the money to splurge on the latest moisturiser or the new releases. I've used all of these products and I adore them. One thing you will notice is most, if not all contain natural ingredients which I've started getting into also!

Lush Cupcake Face Mask: Oh I'm sure you've heard so much about this mask, but thats because it is amazing! Depending on how thick you apply your face masks you could get about 4-8 uses out of this. Be warned, you will want to eat it. It gives the skin a really deep cleanse removing any impurities you may have or are waiting to appear on the skin. It is more so aimed at oily and teenage skin but I enjoyed using it even though I had neither of them skin types. It left my skin feeling amazing after taking it off and it's definitely a mask I'd recommend you treating yourself too. £6.50

Botanics Day Cream: I cannot praise this product enough. It smells amazing and contains plant extracts. It also makes your skin glow which leaves it looking so healthy. As this is a day moisturiser it is thin but it still does it's job and does it well. I've adored using this before applying makeup and on no makeup days. It leaves your skin so soft and feeling fresh. €6.99, Boots sometimes do half price so can be got for €3.50

Witch Blemish Stick: Theres nothing worse than having an event or plans coming up and bam your skin decides this would be a perfect time to break out. Always the way aye!? However with this little gem you can apply to any spots you can feel coming on (or ones you already have), to help it reduce swelling and take away any redness. I find it also helps the spot leave a lot quicker than it would if doing nothing about it. The great thing about this is that you can apply it as much as you feel you need it! I have a blogpost all about it you can find here if you'd like to know some more. €3.69