Purple is one of my favourite colours to wear on my eyes. I also adore wearing false lashes and when I seen these pack of 10 Purple and Black eyelashes* I fell in love with them!

Unlike most affordable false lashes the band/seam of these are practically invisible which is great to help blend into your natural lash line. The lashes help give you some length as well as adding a pop of colour to the eyes but still manage to look natural. As always to apply the lashes you gently remove them from their packaging and measure them against your eye for size, personally I had to cut four parts of lashes off each strip.

This set of lashes will only set you back €6.38 which is such a great price for 10 sets. You can re-use these a good few times also once you treat them with care. After removing them from your eyes be sure to remove any adhesive from the band so that it will keep the lashes in good condition. If you want to find out more about these lashes you can find them on the Born Pretty Store website here.

The lovely people over at Born Pretty Store have given me a code especially for my readers to allow you to get 10% off of your order, just use the code JRDH10

I've worn these quite a few times now and I still am using the same pair as they stay in great condition, I paired them with neutral eye and winged liner. When outside in the light you can really see the hint of purple going through the lashes and it's such a nice little pop of colour!

Do you wear false lashes?