As much as I would like to have an Instagram account full of gorgeous photos with white backgrounds and pretty flowers, I don't. As I don't really have an account full on dedicated to this blog (and trust me I would if I didn't have to sign in and out of different accounts) I use my Instagram that I've had since, well since it became a thing. I thought it would be nice just to do a little update on what I've been up to the past week (truth be told, nothing exciting because I was still getting over a cold. Finally it has completely gone!)

I received a nice little package from The Blogger Programme which made me smile. Inside was a tote bag with their logo on it along with some Peppersmith mints (which are amazing by the way) and some little notes about the mints.

I placed an order on Xtravision for some new films as I've been treating myself to a lot recently but the one I was most excited about receiving was The Purge & The Purge Anarchy. I don't know if it's strange to say these are two of my favourite movies but they are, I like it because no other movie had done something like this. So it's not your regular 'horror movie' with jump scares and what not. Both dvds came in a little boxset and to be honest I got way too excited about that.

As always I watched the grammys and my all time favourite looked absolutely amazing. Taylor's dress was absolutely beautiful and I am in love with her shoes she was wearing, they were just the perfect lilac colour. 

I picked up a magazine because again my all time favourite was on the cover, but also I allowed myself to do so because the excuse 'I can use it as a background in my blog photos' popped into my mind! (This was also the same day I dyed my hair blue-black!)

I started using salt spray again for when I just could not be bothered drying and styling my hair. I just spray it into my hair, scrunch it and sleep on it and voila! Having to do nothing with your hair in the mornings is just magical sometimes. 

Finally I visited Tk Maxx during the weekend and seen this notebook and I really couldn't leave it on the shelf. I am a sucker for these kind of quotes on anything! Again though the excuse that popped into my mind was 'hey, you can never have too many notebooks to write blogging related things in..right?!'. Lets get real, we all use this excuse way too much! 

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