Concealers are something that not very often stand out to me. So when my town got a NYX stand I was so overwhelmed with everything I really had no idea what I was picking up. After standing there for 20 minutes (yes 20!) I picked up 4 products, one being the HD Concealer.

I picked this up in the lightest shade there was which was 01 Porcelain because I wanted to use it as a highlighter, like I said concealers don't stand out to me often so I wasn't expecting anything amazing from this. The colour choice was perfect for highlighting as I was slightly concerned it would match my snow white skin but thankfully it's lighter than my foundation. 

This is such a creamy foundation, it's literally a dream! After using it for highlighting a few times I couldn't help but wonder is it as good as concealing spots as it was to hide any discolouration while highlighting. To say I have fallen in love with this product is an absolute understatement! It's creamy, it's full coverage, it's inexpensive, it sits well on the skin, it doesn't crease..The list is endless!!

As I only have it in the one shade at the moment I am mostly just using it for highlighting, but if I do have any horrible looking spots I will apply this onto them before my foundation just so the colour blends out and I don't have a odd dot of white makeup anywhere! I will definitely be picking up a few tubes in my actual colour so I can use it as a concealer because it is so amazing I just want to scream about it. 

I also really like the packaging as I think it looks like the product is more expensive than it actually I the only one who feels this way? They have a range of shades and each tube will only cost you €6.99.

Have you tried this concealer, what did you think of it?