Normally when writing posts I'd forget to mention nail polishes way too much, so I decided to dedicate a whole post to my favourite affordable brand nail polishes! I love having my nails painted as well they always look nice when they are freshly painted. Here are some I'd recommend trying out if you're on a budget.

These polishes are my most used out of all the ones I own. As you can see I love me some neutral colours but also some statement colours too! All these polishes range from €1.26 - €6.79 so there really is something for every budget. I usually put a base coat on before applying and then a top coat after applying and find they will last at least 4-6 days. They may last longer on others but myself and nail polish just don't seem to get on any longer than that as it just magically disappears off my nails. I find these polishes don't chip or peel off easily. They are pigmented really well and with just two coats you're good to go. 

I am on the look out for a nude coloured nail polish that is affordable so if you can recommend one please let me know as I cannot find one anywhere!

Tanya Burr Nail polish (pictured 'Penguin Chic') €6.79: This is one of my favourite colours from Tanya's range. The colour is absolutely perfect and really exaggerates the length of your nails. It's also has such a nice shine to it even without a top coat. I have actually worn this a few times before without a top coat and have to say I was really impressed with how long it lasted without chipping. 

Makeup Revolution Nail Polish (pictured 'Take Me') €1.26: This is such a gorgeous colour and has almost like a bluey sheen through it. The only thing I will say is that I find you do have to apply this 3 times to get the full on colour, but once it's 3 thin coats it's perfect.
Ciate Polish (pictured 'headliner') €4.99: Firstly I adore the packaging for this. The little bow is just so adorable! This colour is the perfect statement blue. The brush is also a little wider than normal meaning it's easier to cover the whole nail with either only one or two strokes. 

Essence Colour & Go Polish (pictured 'Sweet As Candy') €1.79: This is such a great brand for good quality nail polishes and a huge variety of colours! This colour in particular is a nude pink and so is a very sheer colour but it mega exaggerates the length of your nails which I really like!

W7 Polish (pictured 'Raspberry Sorbet') £4.95: As you know W7 can do absolutely no wrong in my eyes so really there is no surprise one of their products are featured! This is such a gorgeous Barbie Pink it's my go to colour for Spring/Summer for sure! Their polishes are unbelievably pigmented and you could actually get away with only one coat! 

Barry M Polishes (pictured 'Mustard & Matte White') €5.99: The ever so famous nail polish brand. Really you cannot go wrong with them, they have a huge variety of colours and are really long lasting. Their matte white is definitely one of my most used nail colours as I just love the look of white nails as their is something really sleek looking about them.  

W7 Cosmic Nail Dust (pictured 'Lilac')  £3.95: If you like a little more than just plain painted nails these are a great product to add a little more to your nails. The nozzle is the greatest invention as it's a squeezable tube so you can control how much you let out at a time. These really look great on your nails! 

What are your favourite nailpolishes?