Back around the same time I purchased the eBay edition of the Real Techniques setting brush (find post here) I picked up this brush that looked very like the Sigma 3D Kabuki brush. When it arrived I was again very surprised with the quality.

I have never used any Sigma brushes so I cannot compare the quality but for people on a budget these brushes can be brilliant. As you can see from the shape of the brush it's not like normal ones but it's this shape to allow you to get into any awkward places on the face eg. around the nose or under the eyes.

For the price surprisingly it's beyond soft but still dense enough to work in the product flawlessly. I really like the gold detailing along with the pink handle as it's really pretty looking, It is also very light to hold. As this was from China it did take about 3 - 4 weeks to arrive so if you want a brush in a hurry I wouldn't recommend waiting on this. This was only €3.08 so either way if it ended up being a total flop you didn't waste a lot of money on it.

I have yet to wash this brush yet so I can't comment on how in-tac the bristles are or if it sheds but I'm sure I will update you as soon as I do so! Again though if it does fall apart atleast I haven't spent a lot of money on it. If you're interested in trying this brush out yourself you can find it here and you have a choice of pink with gold detailing or black/white with silver detailing. It's also free delivery!

Have you found any great brushes from eBay?