If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that W7 are one of my favourite affordable brands. Along with being affordable their products are amazing quality, they are highly pigmented, long lasting and great to work with! I decided to throw a few of my favourite products together that I have tried so far as I definitely think they are worth trying out! You'd also be very surprised by the dupes you would come across! Yes I'm talking Benefit and Urban Decay dupes..W7 I worship you at your feet!

Skin Fresh Concealer in Fair*: Theres nothing I love more than a good concealer that does it's job and does it well! This little gem I have been loving for covering any impurities and for under my eyes. It's not thick and doesn't crease at all. Once I've powdered it I know it will stay and not disappear after a few hours! Foundation wise I'm currently using Rimmel Match Perfection in shade 101 and this concealer is such a perfect match in the shade fair! These concealers are only £4.95 which is such a great price for this little gem.

Go Corrective Concealer in Lavender*: Honestly what would we do without corrective concealers?! This particular one is in the colour Lavender which is great for hiding dark circles under the eyes and any dark spots. I use this under my eyes to get rid of the darkness and it really helps just brighten everything up and helps you..well look awake as sometimes we all need a little or alot of help when it comes to that. This is so pigmented and creamy! These are also only £4.95 and come in four different colours to help with different problems!

Night Glow Highlight & Illuminator: There is nothing I love more than a product that is rose gold! I just find the colour so gorgeous and flattering you really cannot go wrong. So if you are like me and love a little bit of rose gold in your life say hello to this little gem. This is the most gorgeous liquid highlighter I own and I am constantly using it when I'm using my Benefit Rockateur blusher. I have done a post about them both last year if you want to read a little more about them you can here. £4.95

 The Honey Queen: Isn't the packaging amazing! Remind you of anything?! I have been really loving wearing this blush lately it's just such a gorgeous pinky coral colour and after going through my other blushes from a certain brand I have found a dupe! So look out for that post really soon as I think you may get excited and save yourself some serious amount of pennies. The blush comes with a little brush also which is handy if you're doing your makeup on the go. £4.95

In The Night Palette: One thing you may or may not know about me is I adore wearing purple eyeshadows. So when I got this palette for Christmas after swooning over it for a while I was so excited! The colours, oh my the colours are just go beautiful ranging from every shade you may need for a smokey eye ranging from greys to lilacs to purples to burgundys to blacks. Honestly it's a dream palette if you like to add some colour. The pigment is amazing and the shadows are all enclosed within a tin case to keep them all safe. What I also like about this palette is they've named the shades as sometimes I find some brands that sell cheap cosmetics just don't bother but W7 doesn't dissappoint with cute names such as 'Wonderland' ,'Razzamataz' & 'Summer' the list is really endless. These palettes are only £9.99 which is such an amazing price for 12 shades.

Lightly Toasted Palette*: If you are more of a nudes and browns eyeshadow kind of person then say hello to Lightly Toasted. Packaged again in a gorgeous tin case inside lay 12 colours that you can create endless amounts of eye looks ranging from smokey to an everyday neutral. I'll share a secret with you about this palette and it's I will re-purchase this again instead of the original Naked palette. Yes you've guessed it this palette is an absolute dupe for Urban Decays Naked palette and you can read my blog post all about that here! W7 again allowing you to save some serious pennies as this palette is only £9.99

Angel Eyes Palette in Out On The Town: When I'm travelling I prefer to bring smaller palettes for the reason being it's packing lighter and if something does happen to them I won't be as upset about it than if it was a palette consisting of 12 or more shades. This is the perfect palette for that! Consisting of 7 shadows and a little mirror it's perfect to fit into your travelling makeup bag. The colours range from nudes to browns to greens to blacks all assorting from matte to shimmers. As always the shadows are well pigmented, creamy and blend very well. This palette is definitely a great one to have as the colours can easily help you go from a day time neutral to a night time smokey look! There are two different shade ranges these palettes come in and they're only £6.95 each.

Absolute Lashes Mascara: This is my go to mascara and has been since I've tried it out a few months ago. Do you love mascaras that give you length, volume, and don't move until you decide to take them off? How about mascaras that are jet black, don't clump and will come off really easily when you go to remove it? Well then say hello to Absolute Lashes! I'm sure you're thinking 'wow that packaging reminds me of They're Real by Benefit' and you are absolutely right! Another thing you may be thinking is 'but is it as good, does it give the same effect?' Well let me tell you that all the answers to your questions you will be able to find are here! This little gem will only set you back £6.95

Boom! Kohl Liner*: I couldn't live without eyeliner whether it be liquid (in fairness I do live without this one because I cannot get the hang of it), gel or kohl it really just brings an eye look together and if you're like me you love a good cat flick and won't leave the house without one! This was my first kohl liner that wasn't in a pencil so I didn't know how I was going to get on with it. Results - I love it! It's so creamy and contains little specks of glitter which I find so lovely. The tip of the product is in the shape of a point so you can go ahead and just use it on your eye but personally I like to use it with an angled brush simply because sometimes I'm a little clumsy. This product stays on all day and is such an intense bold black I really adore it! This will set you back only £4.95 which is such a great price as it will last you absolute ages.

Butter Kiss Lipsticks: We can really never have enough lip products, right!?! Well thats what I tell myself when I pick up my 14th red lipstick and tell myself that the other 13 are all different shades. These lipsticks are insanely soft and creamy to apply and have a really good colour pay off. Ranging from pinks to reds there is a shade and tone to suit everybody! They are very long lasting and even better if you apply a lip liner under them! The colours pictured above are 'Pretty in Pink' and 'Red Light*' These amazing lip colours are only £4.50 each

Nail Polish: There is nothing I love more than pretty coloured painted nails. W7 have their own nail polish range (yep they basically have thought of everything) and I adore them! The polishes are in the most gorgeous colours and are pretty long lasting and normally I chip my nails the same day I've painted them so these definitely have good staying power. The colours pictured above are Raspberry Sorbet (which is definitely my favourite Barbie pink colour) and Lemon Sorbet*. The nail polishes are all only £4.95 each.

Cosmic Dust:
 If you don't like your nails plain they also have bottles of Cosmic Dust which is glitter in a bottle. The great things about these are you can actually control how much glitter comes out as the neck of the bottle is plastic allowing you to squeeze it to stop the glitter from coming out. Apply a topcoat over the glitter to stop it getting stuck in anything and you'll have some snazzy looking nails! The colours above are Lilac and Yellow*. They come in a range of colours and only cost £3.95

W7 have such a huge range of products to offer and I cannot wait to get my hands on some of their other products to try them out. I have yet to try a product that actually lets me down! They are also releasing some new products which I am so excited about. You can find a whole list of their products and prices here. Please note that all the prices in this post were taken from the official website and depending on where you buy from prices may vary.

Have you tried any W7 products?