After being ill all week long I didn't really do anything, spending my time mostly taking medicines and falling asleep for a couple of hours everyday. Now that thankfully I'm almost better (cough and blocked nose refuse to leave me) I decided why not have a relaxing day to help me fully recover! Here are a few of my essentials

A Good Film: Depending on what kind of mood I'm in really depends on the kind of movie I watch. I love good old classics like Mean Girls and of course I'm Disney obsessed so anything Disney will go down well especially if its Frozen or Tangled but I also love movies such as The Purge 1 and 2. Watching one of your favourite movies or ones you've never seen before while you relax I find just put you in such a good mood! 

A Onesie: Onesies are really the best thing, my one is a pink care bear and it is honestly the softest thing ever! My favourite thing has to be the hood just because it's so adorable and it has little ears. I got this in Heatons in the January sales and have worn it so much. Onesies are so great to keep you warm and snuggly especially when they have a hood!
Your Phone: Lets be honest we can never really be without our phone right?! (please say I'm right). It's always handy to have beside you to catch up with the latest on your social media accounts etc. My guinea pig Sheldon is normally always beside me looking adorable so I usually snap a few pictures as well!

Facemasks: Face masks are my favourite thing for when I'm relaxing or having a little pamper! They really just make my skin feel amazing and help clear up anything that may be lurking. I always have a never ending supply of these because they are the easiest things to apply and you can do it so quickly!

Hot Chocolate: No pamper night or relaxing day/night is complete without a cup of hot chocolate! It really makes everything better especially when theres cream and marshmallows with it! Yum.

What are your girly night in essentials?