Firstly I want to say sorry for not posting anything for the last five days as I was ill and had no energy and was sleeping most of the days! Thankfully I feel alot better now and so posts will go back to being daily!

Now that the days are becoming brighter and it's not getting as dark as quickly, it's also getting a little warmer (I live in Ireland I mean little as in a pinch of salt!). Which means goodbye snow white skin and hello sunkissed goddess! During Winter and the colder months I don't bother going near tan because lets be honest you're going to be wearing warm clothes and the only skin you'll be showing is your hands and face so whats the point. If you tan all year around please give me your energy and effort because I'm just too lazy.

Sometimes your plans change. What I mean by that is you had no plans to leave your house and you're planning to chill in your lounge wear all day and then bam family occasion or meet up with friends etc. Normally you'll dress up and want a tan but don't have time to do the whole tanning progress well let me introduce you to an amazing product you can use as makeup and as tan! Interesting ey?!

Karora CC cream is such an amazing product, coming in only 1 shade as it adjusts to your skin tone giving you a nice natural looking colour. Not only can you use this CC cream on your face as makeup but you can apply it anywhere/everywhere on your body also. Honestly how perfect can a product get?! This smells absolutely amazing like literally you will not want to stop smelling yourself and when you finally do you will be asking others to sniff your arm! My favourite thing about the Karora CC cream is that it washes right off, leaving no proof that 4 hours ago you were a sun-kissed goddess and now you're back in your loungewear having the same complexion as snow white.

It describes itself as a 'colour correcting, skin perfecting, multi tasking miracle cream for face and body' and I agree with every single word! This product is also not tested on cute little animals which is always one of my favourite things to see on products. Karora also do bronzing mousses, tan mist and other tans which if you are interested you can find here. I would definitely recommend giving the CC cream a try as it is such an amazing product and only costs €26.50 for a 100ml bottle.

Have you tried any Karora products?