What I Got For Christmas 2015

What I Got For Christmas

It's that time of year again, well it was.. the actual day itself is over and I return back to reality tomorrow sadly but it was Christmas! The weather today has picked up so I decided to take a few quick snaps of everything I got for Christmas before finding places for everything in my room. So while everything is still looking pretty in it's packaging why not!? This post is a little photo heavy so if that isn't your style don't worry more posts coming soon!
I was so extremely happy with everything I got this year. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for the new year.
Now onto the post!

A Seventeen Cosmetics Surprise || Beauty

Seventeen Cosmetics
Seventeen Cosmetics
Seventeen Cosmetics

After a long day at work who doesn't love coming home to a parcel full of surprises! Even better when it's full of makeup products from one of your favourite brands. Wrapped in a little basket and tied with a big red bow was 7 products that instantly put a smile on my face.

I adore Seventeen cosmetics for their affordable but amazing quality products. I was also so excited to have received some products I had actually yet to try out from the range. Inside the basket was one product I have tried before and use on a daily basis which is the Define & Conquer contouring kit. I literally love this product so much and even prefer it over my Nars Laguna Bronzer.

Things I Enjoyed Last Week #2 || Life


It's starting to get scary how fast these weeks are going as Christmas quickly approaches. Is it just me though that no matter how many christmas movies I watch or how many gifts I wrap it just still does not feel like Christmas at all!? Anyways I've decided to share what I enjoyed last week because well I always enjoy these kind of posts.

Firstly something you may not know about me is I adore video games! So when I'm on my day off from work you can bet that I am sitting on my bed playing my PS4. Right now I am loving Black Ops III because yes I am also one of those people who loves shooting games over any other. I've also realised that I can play Spotify in the background while playing a game which is bloody brilliant and so I have been doing exactly that!

The Pen Every Stationery Lover Will Obsess Over || Gift Idea

Ted Baker
Ted Baker Pen
Ted Baker Pen

Ted Baker is a brand that has definitely stood out to me this festive season. With gorgeous tree trinkets and star gifts in Boots I've been stocking up on the body lotions and body mists lately. However I wanted to make a post especially for this beauty, I'm sure we can all admit we're addicted to stationary. So how gorgeous is this pen (which is also a stylus) and pouch duo for a stocking filler.

The gorgeous pastel pinks, purples and rose golden detailing is perfect for anyone who loves some pretty stationary in their collection. The design on both pen and pouch consists of hummingbirds and flowers, it's honestly one of the most gorgeous designs I've ever come across and let's not get started on the rose gold detailing because that's a win win all together.

Wrapping Christmas Presents || Life

Christmas Gift WrappingChristmas Gift Wrapping

Honestly it amazes me when people get their gifts wrapped in shops or by other people because personally it's one of my favourite things to do at this time of year. Firstly though before I go any further can we just appreciate how absolutely adorable my slipper socks are! That out of the way, yes wrapping, favourite thing, love it!

Normally I go for patterned wrapping paper with some sort of Disney princess printed  all over but since last year I have been adoring the whole vintage look vibe and decided to do it again this year but instead of ribbon I got some red and white string.
This year I will admit trying to find the brown wrapping paper was an absolute nightmare literally no stores were stocking it. However as always it was in the last store I decided to check.

Better Than Sex Mascara || Beauty

Too Faced Mascara Review
Better Than Sex Mascara Review

When it comes to certain beauty products such as mascaras I find there is always a divide between people as certain ones work for some and not the other. The Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara was one of those that I read mixed reviews about. Some people were praising the mascara and saying great things while others said it was a waste of money and that it did nothing. Like I said everything works differently for people however when I received this mascara back in late August I was so excited to give it a try.

Now normally I'm not one to ever go for a mascara that isn't waterproof however this is an exception. Before trying this the only mascara I swore by was the Benefit They're Real and now after trying Better Than Sex I have not looked back. The only downfall I have for it is I wish they did a waterproof formula. Damn you watery eyes!

Fragrance Christmas Sets On A Budget || Beauty


Incase you didn't know it's Christmas time now, which means the shops are full of Christmas decor and gift ideas and all sorts of good stuff! However I know that when you're on a budget gift shopping can be difficult however I've gotten two perfect fragrance gift sets that are perfect for people on a budget, while also being great for the fragrance lovers in your life!

I personally love So...? for reasons being the nostalgia it brings and also that it's affordable and still great! There are so many fragrance/body spray sets you can buy cheaply especially at this time of year but the scents barely linger for more than 10 minutes whereas the So...? ones will last much much longer!

Things That Made Me Happy Last Week || Life

Lazy Day

So clearly my 'working on my schedule' turned into a two post kinda week, I'm still working on it please bare with me! Anyways today I'm in work so as I'm writing this it's Sunday night and I'm sat on my bed that I've just dressed in my Christmas attire (see Instagram snap here) and I'm oh so cosy, however as the Monday blues start to creep up I decided to write about some things that I enjoyed during last week. 

Inside Out was finally released on Dvd and you can bet that I have been watching it everyday since getting it. I have yet to buy it on Dvd however my dad has rented it out for the month for me so I'll be sure to pick up a copy I can purchase when I finally have to return it. I swear I absolutely adore the movie and I even got an Inside Out advent calendar this year while having a bit of a splurge (haul coming soon!) 

Zoella Beauty Candy Cream || Beauty

Zoella Candy Cream

I'm one of those people who owns 10 bottles of body lotion and will only ever use them every so often however recently I've been really good and have continuously been switching between two and using them at least once a day. One of those body creams is of course the Candy Cream from the Zoella Beauty range.

The Palette I've Been Using Everyday || Beauty

Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette
Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette

When it comes to makeup products my biggest weakness is eyeshadow palettes, I may have the shame shades 100 different times but just with a different brand name and a different layout, and I'm totally fine with that. Too Faced has been a brand I'm only recently new to and have yet to use a decent amount of their products but with the ones I have tried I'm totally obsessed.

The Too Faced Natural Eyes palette is the only palette I've tried from Too Faced so far and I am in total love with it. When I'm getting ready for work this is the only palette I go for. With  three looks already laid out for you it really couldn't be any more simple, all that's left for you to do is to sweep the shadows onto your lids. The shadows themselves are extremely buttery and just simply a dream to work with. With 9 gorgeous pigmented everyday shades you really cannot go wrong for €35.00. Also can we talk about how pretty the packaging is? Because it is extremely adorable!

Being Unorganised || Life


So recently you may have noticed how I've gone quiet on every single social media platform I'm on and honestly it's because I can't seem to juggle having a job, blogging and updating my social media's. Huge props to those who work full time and still manage to have their blog posts up on their assigned days, please tell me how you all do it!

However yes back in October I started my job in Boots and I absolutely adore it. However when I come home everyday after work I'm just fit for bed. For the first few weeks I'd be up past midnight trying to write up posts, schedule them and then also schedule tweets but more than often I was waking up the next morning with my head on my laptop and not much done. So clearly that had failed. And now my problem is the days I am off the weather just curses me and stays dull and rains all day long and dear god is anybody else sick of this non photography kind of weather because I'm over it.

Caring For Your Hair With Maple Holistics || Haircare

Maple Holistics Haircare

As a person who studied hair to become a hair stylist I'm quite fussy when it comes to picking shampoos and conditioners as I know what kind of ingredients to look for. If you've been reading my blog for awhile you'd know that I love products that contain natural ingredients, I just think it's nice to be able to treat yourself using products that won't cause any harm etc. I've been using Maple Holistics for awhile now and so my opinion has definitely formed on the products.

I tried Maple Holistics skincare awhile back and absolutely adored it! You can find that post here if you'd like to read more about that. So one thing I will say is I suffer from a dry scalp, especially at this time of year it starts to feel sore and tight and even though I've found products that help I try to stay away from products that may irritate it. So when I received the Maple Holistics Shampoo* and Conditioner* I had to do a little research to find out some more things about them but thankfully they are both for all scalp types!

Makeup I'm Currently Using || Beauty

Current Makeup Menu
Current Makeup Menu
Current Makeup Menu

A while back I bought the Zoella Awesome Drawersome set as I fell in love with the drawers and wanted to use them to store my everyday makeup. You can see the original contents that were in the drawers here! Now onto what I currently have in them.

In the top drawer I keep my base products so things such as my primers, foundations, concealers and powders and also my brow palette. For primers I've been switching about at the moment between the Botanics Radiance Balm which gives your skin the most gorgeous healthy glow and just helps if you need a pick me up. The other primer I've been using is the Smashbox Photo Finish which I must say I've become slightly obsessed with. It evens out any pores and just feels so smooth on the skin. It also keeps my makeup lasting for absolutely hours which I adore. I can definitely see myself buying a full size one when this is gone. Another primer I've been loving but it's only for under the eyes is the Smashbox Photo Finish Under Eye Primer which was something I had never used before but with it's properties to help de-puff eyes and with dark circles I cannot get enough of it, and find when I use it my concealer definitely stays putt without having to touch it up throughout the day.

Things I Really Enjoyed This Week || Life

Girl Online Novel by Zoella

I feel like I haven't wrote a chatty post in a while and I was just in the mood to do so and thought what a better one to do than the things I enjoyed this week! So lets jump right in I guess.

Firstly starting with Girl Online 2 just like the first one I finished this the same day I bought it and absolutely loved the story line. When it comes to books I do still love the stories that are aimed at teenagers but hey I'm still a child at heart! Also the covers are so super pretty and girly and definitely Instagram worthy! I'm not going to give spoilers away for either book just incase but I personally like the storyline and cannot wait for more!

When it comes to Television Netflix is my kinda thing. I've watched Kevin Hart's stand up comedy show about 8 times this week and I swear I still laugh as much as I did when I watched it for the first time. I've also been loving the movie 'Killers' 'Just Go With It' and 'The Rebound'. I've also noticed that they've started to add the Christmas movies such as Home Alone and The Santa Claus so I'm sure I'll just have to accept that Halloween is over and give in to the Christmas hype.

Autumn - Winter Eyes With Seventeen Cosmetics || Beauty

Seventeen Cosmetics
Seventeen Cosmetics Swatches

Seventeen cosmetics is a brand that I tried a lot of this year, due to their amazing quality products for such affordable prices. So when I was sent two of their eye products to try out I was pretty excited as their eyeshadows were something I had yet to try.

Starting with the Eye eye crayon in 'Iced White'* I've been loving using this jumbo crayon for two things. The first being to highlight my brow bone. The crayon itself is pigmented and buttery and so it allows you to blend it out as much as you like and works with you as there is nothing worse than a jumbo crayon that's waxy and just doesn't want to participate. The second use for this which I've been loving is using it as an eye base. I currently don't have any eye primers left and so I decided to try this out one day and have been using it ever since. As it's white it really allows your eyeshadows to pop and show their true colour. The eye eye crayon comes in four different shades and will only set you back €5.49 for each one!

A Subscription Box That's Just Too Adorable || Life

Chevron NotebookEnvelopeLollyRocket Wax Melt
Pink Chocolate

Subscription boxes are a huge thing these days, you can get literally any kind to cater to your needs. I will say when It comes to Beauty Subscription boxes they don't tend to interest me as I've yet to come across one that doesn't disappoint. However I love homeware products and everything like that so when I was sent November's Not Shabby Very Chic Treatbox* I was so excited to see what was inside!

W7 Oh So Waterproof Mascara || Beauty

W7 Oh So Waterproof Mascara
W7 Oh So Waterproof Mascara

When it comes to mascaras I normally 99.9% of the time opt for a waterproof one, especially in this weather as the slightest bit of wind causes my eyes to water. I'm also quite picky when it comes to mascaras as I don't want something that's too clumpy but I also want it to add length and volume to my lashes. So when I pick out a mascara I'm quite the critic because if it doesn't work it's simply tossed into one of my drawers and forgotten about.

Brushes For Contouring || Beauty

Makeup Brushes

The newest trend may be out but my heart still belongs to contoured cheek bones and defining the face and so it's not leaving my makeup routine anytime soon. I've decided to take all the different brushes I use when I contour and put them all together to create this post. Some can give you a defined bold look while others blend out the product to make it acceptable for everyday wear. Hopefully if you're still looking for that perfect brush to help you contour this post may help!

Starting with the Eco Tools Face & Body Sculpting. This is a brush I got for my birthday because everyone knows I'm slightly obsessed with the perfect brush for contouring. This is probably the largest brush I own in my collection and I think it definitely would be great for a makeup artist to have in their kit if they do some body sculpting or painting as it's so huge. Now because it is so big when I first got it I was thinking how on earth is this going to contour my face if it's the size of my cheek however I actually really like it especially for when I'm going for a light contoured look. The bristles are extremely soft and pick up just the right amount of product to create a nice subtle look.

Zoeva 109 Face Paint Is a brush that I had wanted for the longest time and when I got it I was actually so surprised by how small and thin it was. However this does mean that you can get a nice defined look using this. I absolutely adore using this with my Nars Laguna Bronzer because it's just such the perfect size to create a nice neat line and then to just blend the top half out. Again it picks up just the right amount of product making it easy to work with if you have to layer a product.

If You Pick One Thing To Watch On Netflix This October || Life

Netflix Original Scream

When it comes to October time I'm all for scary movies especially on Halloween I will basically spend my whole evening watching some sort of horrors. I'm obsessed with Netflix but who isn't!? When I realised they had released their own netflix original show 'Scream' I just knew I had to watch it.

I will admit throughout the first episode I was thinking it was lame and just dreadful but by the second episode I was hooked and could not stop watching it. It's almost like a sequel to the actual movie but in the same way it's not. Okay it's really hard to explain without giving spoilers and obviously I don't want to do that. However it's all about a cyberbullying incident that leads to someone being murdered and a group of friends are trying to figure out what happened although the more they figure out the worse things get. It also goes back to things that happened in the past so you're constantly trying to figure things out before they're revealed in the show.

Is It Halloween Yet? || Beauty

Halloween Makeup

Incase you didn't know already Halloween is my favourite time of the year, everything about it just puts a smile on my face. You can also bet your bottom that I am currently counting down the days! I've got the day off work for the holiday which I'm so excited about and so today I thought I'd show you my current four essentials for this Autumn weather we're having.

Firstly of course I couldn't go through Autumn without using the Makeup Revolution Give Them Nightmares eyeshadow palette. It consists of mostly purples, blues and greens which I absolutely love for this time of the year. Wicked witch colours for the win! I adore these shadows as they are so pigmented and blend so beautifully.

Something else I seem to wear alot of during Autumn is some False Lashes I just think they really complement the eyeshadow colours. My absolute favourites right now are the Primark's own brand Sultry ones. These are literally so hard to find as they are so popular so when I come across them I normally pick up a few to stay in stock!

Keeping Up With Aurora || Life

Bunny Rabbit

Personally I thought this photo was too darn adorable not to give it it's own post so it's time for another post about my little Aurora!

Recently I posted a life update (find here) where I explained how only after having Aurora for two weeks she broke her teeth off her cage and basically ruined them. After rushing to the vets she got six needles and then was put on six medicines a day. As we weren't sure and neither was the vet to be honest how much damage she actually did to her teeth we had to syringe feed her which was far from easy as she really did not like the food. After the second day she adapted to eating her grass which had been soaked in boiling water t o make it mushy and was also adapting to drinking out of a bowl. For 48 hours she was under critical watch which was quite scary but she's a strong little bunny.

5 Reasons To Take A Blogging Break || Life

Reasons To Take A Blog Break

Recently I took a break from blogging and I must say it worked out really well for me. I took a week away from my blog as I had hit writers block and had hit it hard. I was also not very happy about how my photography was going and so I wanted to have a break from that as well as I felt I was forcing it too much and so it just wouldn't turn out how I wanted it too. When I came back after my week away I had so much inspiration and had so many posts scheduled within that day because I was so happy with my photos and I basically couldn't stop writing. So I decided to put a little list together of why it's okay to take a blogging break because you shouldn't feel guilty for it!

1. You'll come back feeling refreshed with a whole bunch of new ideas
Taking a break definitely allows you to free up your mind and every now and then I'd get an idea for a blog post so I'd quickly write it down in my phone notes so that when I came back I'd remember. I had so many post ideas by the end of the week it was crazy. When you come back as well you may feel like you want to re-design the look of your blog or even just little things, this even helps give you inspiration because everything is fresh! When I came back I started making little changes here and there to my blog that maybe not everyone noticed but I did.

2. Being away from where you write your posts (blogger, wordpress, etc.) for a while when you're back you won't be able to write down all your ideas quick enough
Like I mentioned above being away definitely gives your blogging side of your brain a chance to breathe and relax.

Maple Holistics Serum || Skincare

Maple Holistics Skincare
Maple Holistics Serum

I adore skincare, and trying new products from brands I've never tried before just makes me so extremely excited. Personally I do find products can either be a hit or a miss especially when it comes to your skin. I suffer with dry skin and redness and it's also quite sensitive so I'm forever wary about what I put on it. I'm sure by now from all the other skincare posts I've wrote you know I love skincare products with natural ingredients. Nothing makes me happier knowing I'm taking off a full face of makeup and pampering my skin with natural ingredients.

Recently over these past few weeks (definitely well over a month) I've been trying out the Maple Holistics Vitamin C Anti-Aging Serum* which was a new product to my skincare routine as surprisingly I'd never used a serum before this as I mainly stuck to creams and facemasks to moisturise and treat my skin. Something I will say that I never use is a sun protector (because I live in Ireland) but there is sun protector properties in this serum to help protect your skin from any uv damage which I think is a really nice extra.

So...? NYC Perfume || Beauty

So...? NYC Perfume
So...? NYC Perfume

When it comes to perfumes I'll raise my hand and agree that I'm quite picky. I don't like anything too strong but I do like scents that linger for hours and don't fade after an hour. I tend to go for fresh,sweet,floral scents when it comes to perfumes and don't really stray away to different kind of scents.

The So...? NYC* perfume has been my go to perfume over this past month. Consisting of a sweet, floral scent I cannot get enough of it. Firstly how gorgeous is the packaging? That's something So...? never disappoint with is their absolutely gorgeous packaging. They are also super affordable which is amazing especially for when you may be on a budget.

Pamper Your Hair With Mades || Haircare

MADES Haircare

For someone who is a trained hairstylist I've noticed that I very rarely actually feature hair products so I'm going to hopefully start featuring some products that I really like and have felt worked miracles on my hair. A few years ago I got my hair bleached, naturally my hair is very dark brown almost black so when I go to bleach it it takes quite some time. When I finally went back to my natural hair colour my hair all snapped and I was left with just above the shoulder length hair whereas it was down my back! Since then I vowed to never bleach my hair again until Summer just gone when I decided to go a lighter brown and add some balayage. So yes the condition is gone back to well pretty bad but not as bad as last time however I'm taking care of it so that hopefully never happens again!

I've been using these two MADES haircare items these past few weeks and I'm quite surprised at how good the results are. My hair because it has been bleached is obviously quite damaged and fragile. When it's wet it feels like cotton wool and that's the last thing you want your hair feeling of it's really not good. However these two products have definitely helped the overall look and condition of my hair.

Starting with the Repair Expert Restore Strength Hair Mask* which you apply once a week which I really liked because if I have to use a mask more than once a week it's likely I'm not going to stick with it because sometimes I'm just lazy or don't have the time to leave it in. This hair mask (actually both products) are especially for damaged and fragile hair) consisting of a blend of 6 natural oils including jojoba and avocado oil it penetrates into the hair to help restore the natural volume, softness and strength. I will say I noticed a difference after only one use of this mask. After using this and then styling my hair, you could notice a nice healthy shine off it and it even felt much softer and had barely any knots in it. It also amazingly reduces split ends, now it won't make them disappear as the only thing that will make them disappear is cutting them off but this definitely does help prevent you getting more! You simply apply this after washing your hair so that it's still damp and leave it on for five minutes and once you wash it off you'll feel and even notice a difference. I've been using this for well over a month now and I still have some product left as it spreads really well and you don't have to use a load of product at once!

What's Currently In My Handbag || Life

 What's In My Handbag

Shout out to past me who was unaware of my thumper pyjamas reflection in my handbag!
I decided it was about time I done a little what's in my bag post again because let's be honest we are all a bunch of nosey people who enjoy these posts, am I right!?
At the moment my bag still isn't crammed full of junk just yet as I only got it at the end of August as a birthday gift, but give it some time and I'm sure it will be overflowing with receipts and stuff I don't need to carry about with me. The usual basically!

Keys I would say are an essential but they're not really for me as it's only my house keys on them as I can't drive (forever being way too lazy to learn) but they are always in my bag incase I do go out and nobodies home when I get back. But let's talk about how much I love the Minnie keyring from Emmy because it's so adorable and I'm obsessed with it.
Soap and Glory Hand Sanitizer yes I am one of those people who have sanitizer in their bag, gotta kill all them germs. Plus this one is pretty and smells divine so who doesn't want a bottle of it in their bag. I also really like that it absorbs really quickly and leaves your hands actually feeling clean unlike some other brands.

Miley Cyrus Mac Viva Glam || Beauty

Mac Viva Glam Miley Cyrus
Mac Viva Glam Miley Cyrus Lipglass
Mac Viva Glam Miley Cyrus Lipstick
Mac Viva Glam Miley Cyrus Swatch

As part of my birthday gift from my parents I got the Mac Viva Glam Miley Cyrus Lipstick and Lipglass which I was over the moon about as I had been dying to own both of them since they were released. However now that she's after releasing two new ones I feel like I may just have to treat myself to them asap!

The colours of both these products are magnificent and I swear I've never owned a gloss so gorgeous in my life. This was actually my first gloss I've ever tried from Mac and I have to say I really like it. The pigment is amazing and it layered over lipsticks just looks divine. I already own three Mac lipsticks but they're all Matte so this is my first non matte one and the formula is just as amazing as the others.