It's starting to get scary how fast these weeks are going as Christmas quickly approaches. Is it just me though that no matter how many christmas movies I watch or how many gifts I wrap it just still does not feel like Christmas at all!? Anyways I've decided to share what I enjoyed last week because well I always enjoy these kind of posts.

Firstly something you may not know about me is I adore video games! So when I'm on my day off from work you can bet that I am sitting on my bed playing my PS4. Right now I am loving Black Ops III because yes I am also one of those people who loves shooting games over any other. I've also realised that I can play Spotify in the background while playing a game which is bloody brilliant and so I have been doing exactly that!

Speaking of music something I never imagined I would say but I cannot get enough of Justin Bieber's new album. Although I don't feel too bad about it considering most people are in the exact same boat as me. Honestly though his music is bloomin brilliant from his latest album and my current fave song is Children.

Ari by Ariana Grande

The perfume I cannot get enough of these past few weeks is the Ari by Ariana Grande fragrance. My goodness it is the best thing I've ever smelt. It's sweet but not overly done and I just absolutely adore it. I also adore the bottle design and think it's just so girly and cute, and can I say instagram worthy? 'Cause it really is!

Christmas wrapping

Of course because Christmas is only around the corner it means I finally get to wrap presents again, which is honestly one of my favourite things to do. I spent all of Friday morning listening to Justin Bieber, wearing adorable cosy bunny socks and wrapped everyone's gifts. I have since run out of ribbons and paper so I have a few more to go but I'm almost there.

No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser

A skincare newbie to my collection is the No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser and oh my goodness do I love it. I use it to take my makeup off and it leaves your skin feeling so god damn amazing after using it. It smells like a spa and just makes you instantly relax. Boots are doing 24 days of No7 and so instead of €14.00 I got this when it was on special for just €7.00 and I absolutely cannot get enough of it now.

Christmas Tree Decoration

Last week while on my lunch break I popped into M&S to get something to eat when I realised all the Christmas tree decorations were up to 50% off and so I ended up picking up 6 more to add to my tree. One of my favourites is this adorable little fairy. Like how cute is she!?

What did you enjoy last week?