Girl Online Novel by Zoella

I feel like I haven't wrote a chatty post in a while and I was just in the mood to do so and thought what a better one to do than the things I enjoyed this week! So lets jump right in I guess.

Firstly starting with Girl Online 2 just like the first one I finished this the same day I bought it and absolutely loved the story line. When it comes to books I do still love the stories that are aimed at teenagers but hey I'm still a child at heart! Also the covers are so super pretty and girly and definitely Instagram worthy! I'm not going to give spoilers away for either book just incase but I personally like the storyline and cannot wait for more!

When it comes to Television Netflix is my kinda thing. I've watched Kevin Hart's stand up comedy show about 8 times this week and I swear I still laugh as much as I did when I watched it for the first time. I've also been loving the movie 'Killers' 'Just Go With It' and 'The Rebound'. I've also noticed that they've started to add the Christmas movies such as Home Alone and The Santa Claus so I'm sure I'll just have to accept that Halloween is over and give in to the Christmas hype.

Something I can't say for any previous ones but, I started my new job about three weeks ago and I absolutely adore it. There's not much to say about it only that I am truly enjoying it and that it's in Boots!

Makeup wise recently I've been absolutely adoring the 'Too Faced Natural Eyes' eyeshadow palette and the 'Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara'. Along with that I recently cannot get enough of the 'Soap & Glory Solar Powder' I just love how perfect the colour is for my pale skin and using it with the Real Techniques blusher brush is just the perfect combo.

Another thing I've really been loving is Call Of Duty:Black Ops III yes one of my many loves is videogames and I have been so excited for the release of this game and so to finally have it makes me so happy. Yes it's taken over my life at the moment but that's okay...right!?

What have you been loving this week?