Christmas Gift WrappingChristmas Gift Wrapping

Honestly it amazes me when people get their gifts wrapped in shops or by other people because personally it's one of my favourite things to do at this time of year. Firstly though before I go any further can we just appreciate how absolutely adorable my slipper socks are! That out of the way, yes wrapping, favourite thing, love it!

Normally I go for patterned wrapping paper with some sort of Disney princess printed  all over but since last year I have been adoring the whole vintage look vibe and decided to do it again this year but instead of ribbon I got some red and white string.
This year I will admit trying to find the brown wrapping paper was an absolute nightmare literally no stores were stocking it. However as always it was in the last store I decided to check.

I absolutely adore the look of the gifts when they're wrapped and just find them so simple yet pretty, if that even makes sense. The wrapping paper, string and gift tags are all from Choice this year and all cost between €2-€3 per item which I thought was pretty good.

Today is my first Friday off work in a long time so, I have basically spent my hours wrapping everybody's gifts and I will admit I normally have Christmas songs on in the background but this year I had Justin Bieber's album on because it's brilliant (never did I think I'd say that).

Do you pick a theme to wrap people's gifts?