Reasons To Take A Blog Break

Recently I took a break from blogging and I must say it worked out really well for me. I took a week away from my blog as I had hit writers block and had hit it hard. I was also not very happy about how my photography was going and so I wanted to have a break from that as well as I felt I was forcing it too much and so it just wouldn't turn out how I wanted it too. When I came back after my week away I had so much inspiration and had so many posts scheduled within that day because I was so happy with my photos and I basically couldn't stop writing. So I decided to put a little list together of why it's okay to take a blogging break because you shouldn't feel guilty for it!

1. You'll come back feeling refreshed with a whole bunch of new ideas
Taking a break definitely allows you to free up your mind and every now and then I'd get an idea for a blog post so I'd quickly write it down in my phone notes so that when I came back I'd remember. I had so many post ideas by the end of the week it was crazy. When you come back as well you may feel like you want to re-design the look of your blog or even just little things, this even helps give you inspiration because everything is fresh! When I came back I started making little changes here and there to my blog that maybe not everyone noticed but I did.

2. Being away from where you write your posts (blogger, wordpress, etc.) for a while when you're back you won't be able to write down all your ideas quick enough
Like I mentioned above being away definitely gives your blogging side of your brain a chance to breathe and relax.

3. You'll have time to think about where you want your blog to go
Do you just want to just focus on Beauty or do you want to have a bit of everything? Maybe you want to change your whole blog just to a Lifestyle blog. The list is endless and being away definitely helps you see where you want your corner of the internet to go.

4. It'll help you get organised
When it comes to blogging I'll admit I'm usually dreadful however after my break I have constantly had at least a weeks worth of blog posts and tweets scheduled and it makes me feel super organised! This way I'm not worrying or panicking about not having something to go live on either social media.

5. Because you deserve a break every now and then! 
Blogging is something you do because you love it, don't feel guilty if you feel like you need to take a little break from it or change how many posts you post in a week, it's entirely up to you! Writers block is something that can hit and hit god damn hard so chill out and don't force anything.

Have you ever taken a break from your blog?