Lazy Day

So clearly my 'working on my schedule' turned into a two post kinda week, I'm still working on it please bare with me! Anyways today I'm in work so as I'm writing this it's Sunday night and I'm sat on my bed that I've just dressed in my Christmas attire (see Instagram snap here) and I'm oh so cosy, however as the Monday blues start to creep up I decided to write about some things that I enjoyed during last week. 

Inside Out was finally released on Dvd and you can bet that I have been watching it everyday since getting it. I have yet to buy it on Dvd however my dad has rented it out for the month for me so I'll be sure to pick up a copy I can purchase when I finally have to return it. I swear I absolutely adore the movie and I even got an Inside Out advent calendar this year while having a bit of a splurge (haul coming soon!) 

Ari by Ariana Grande Ariana Grande is one of my absolute favourites and so her fragrance was on the top of my Christmas list this year, however thanks to the amazing place I work at I was gifted the 100ml bottle which I'm so over the moon with. I have not stopped wearing it since and I just adore the scent. It lingers for hours and the bottle is simply stunning. 

Using Up Products Because I'm working so much lately of course it means that I'm using makeup products and makeup remover products everyday, because of this I've used up so many products recently I cannot believe it. It's so nice to finish a product and then treat yourself to a brand new one. It's also allowing me to try out new products because I'm getting through my current ones much quicker than I normally would. 

Payday rolled around and I decided to splurge and not on Christmas presents, but just on myself. I have been on a spending ban these past 6 weeks and I did a pretty good job so yesterday I decided to let myself buy anything I liked the look of along with things I needed and it was such a lovely feeling to finally be able to do so. Of course a haul post will be up as soon as possible!

What made you smile last week?