So recently you may have noticed how I've gone quiet on every single social media platform I'm on and honestly it's because I can't seem to juggle having a job, blogging and updating my social media's. Huge props to those who work full time and still manage to have their blog posts up on their assigned days, please tell me how you all do it!

However yes back in October I started my job in Boots and I absolutely adore it. However when I come home everyday after work I'm just fit for bed. For the first few weeks I'd be up past midnight trying to write up posts, schedule them and then also schedule tweets but more than often I was waking up the next morning with my head on my laptop and not much done. So clearly that had failed. And now my problem is the days I am off the weather just curses me and stays dull and rains all day long and dear god is anybody else sick of this non photography kind of weather because I'm over it.

On a more positive note I managed to set myself a little spending ban these past two months and didn't allow myself to buy any makeup or skincare products so that I would actually use up some of the ones I had. Surprisingly because of this I used up so many beauty and skincare products (empties post soon to come!) so much so that I've barely any foundation left and probably about a weeks worth of makeup remover so I've decided to let myself splurge at the end of this month because well I need some bits and bobs now. Also I'll finally start my Christmas shopping which I feel is going to be a nightmare this year as I have no clue of what to get anyone!

Speaking of Christmas because honestly you cannot get away from it and so I've just decided to accept it, what are you all wishing for this year? Let me know in the comments below!

Bare with me while I try to find a schedule that works for me and hopefully I'll be back up on my feet soon.