Bunny Rabbit

Personally I thought this photo was too darn adorable not to give it it's own post so it's time for another post about my little Aurora!

Recently I posted a life update (find here) where I explained how only after having Aurora for two weeks she broke her teeth off her cage and basically ruined them. After rushing to the vets she got six needles and then was put on six medicines a day. As we weren't sure and neither was the vet to be honest how much damage she actually did to her teeth we had to syringe feed her which was far from easy as she really did not like the food. After the second day she adapted to eating her grass which had been soaked in boiling water t o make it mushy and was also adapting to drinking out of a bowl. For 48 hours she was under critical watch which was quite scary but she's a strong little bunny.

After a few days she adapted so much she was back to eating her dry grass and her pellets which we didn't think would happen for awhile. Thankfully she recovered although she did break her top teeth and pulled apart her bottom ones. I had never owned a bunny before Aurora so I didn't know things like this could happen but turns out her teeth were way too long and this was actually the pet shops fault. (Yes I've complained)


However a few weeks on she's back to her full energetic mischievous self. Compared to Sheldon (find out why he's not actually a guinea pig here) she's ridiculously energetic and enjoys running around the house at the speed of a ferrari. She loves to come into my room and jump into Sheldon's cage and eat all his food. She also enjoys squeezing under my bed where she's not allowed due to it being full of junk and wires but she still does it. She also zooms past me in the morning as soon as I open my bedroom door which I find so funny!

When she's sleepy she stands up straight and then drops down onto her side which is honestly the most hilarious thing I've ever seen because you panic for a second thinking she's dead because she just drops. She really want's to be friends with Sheldon and doesn't understand why he doesn't want anything to do with her. Yes he still has decided he wants nothing to do with her and when she goes to come near him he goes to bite her (he thinks he's a rottweiler).

So thank you for the kind words about Aurora in my last post, thankfully she's fully back to herself and we just have to get her teeth filled every few weeks!

What's your favourite kind of Animal?