Black And Gold OOTD ♡


Since doing my mid year look back (find here) I'm determined to get at least one outfit post up a week, lets see how long that lasts!

Here in Ireland we're being very lucky in the sense that the Sun and warm weather still likes us so that you can actually wear skirts and shorts and not freeze to death. I decided to take a quick snap of my outfit today, I kept it pretty simple today and wore all of the one colour because it's smart to just wear all black clothes out into the sun...right!?

Room 4 £20 Desk Challenge ♡

Desk Makeover Desk Makeover
As a Blogger and I'm sure others will agree we spend ALOT of time at our desks, whether it be writing down notes, catching up with our favourite bloggers or writing blog posts! Room 4 Interiors suppliers of contemporary home office desks decided to put together a challenge for bloggers to re-do their desk top area for only £20 to see who could do the best at giving their desk a little makeover!

Personally my desk is quite small and is forever just covered in junk I don't need on it so I jumped at the chance to give it a little facelift and see what I could come up with for £20. I looked on numerous websites to see what I could find including Qwerkity who supply craft gifts and fell in love with some of their products (I may have even got ideas for peoples Christmas gifts! Early I know but they have so many fun products!) Sadly as I was on a time limit I didn't have time to wait for things to arrive so I'll have to re-visit them pretty soon!

With a limit of just £20 I will admit it was quite hard to find some bits and bobs as you didn't want to spend a tenner on one item as then you'd have spent half your budget..well thats how I felt anyway! I decided to go into Primark and see what they had in their Homeware section because they always have some lovely things.

Win A Japan Candy Box ♡

Japan Candy Box

Recently I reviewed a Japan Candy Box, (find here) a subscription box full of yummy treats all the way from Japan!
The lovely people over at Japan Candy Box have given me one box to giveaway to one of you lovely readers so if you'd like to be in with a chance of winning just enter the rafflecopter widget below in the read more section :)

Yes it is open internationally. 
Good Luck 

My 3 Must Have Bases ♡


When applying makeup personally I think it's essential to have a good base on to help your makeup look the best it can and to also help it last that little bit longer! Recently I've started venturing out from my go to primer and have started trying different ones out to see if they last just as well or if they are just a total fail.

I decided to share with you all my 3 must have bases, they range in prices and all give a different effect.

Seventeen Skin Wow 3 Way Highlighter
This is definitely a product you get your money's worth of! This Seventeen product can be used three ways either applied as a primer before your foundation, mixed in with your foundation or as a highlighter over your foundation. 
I mostly use this as a primer as I find when you apply your foundation over it there's still a gorgeous glow coming through. When you mix it in with your foundation it definitely gives you that very popular dewy look which is also so lovely and it takes no effort at all! Finally as a highlighter it is absolutely stunning on the cheek bones and when it hits the light it just gives you the most gorgeous light pink glow/shimmer and it's just one of those products that I'd definitely recommend especially if you're on a budget as being able to use it 3 different ways to get a different result is amazing. (Read more of my thoughts on this product here)

Happy 1st Birthday Keep Dreaming ♡

Happy Birthday Keep Dreaming

365 days ago I decided to sit down on my bed and sign up for a blogger account. After reading blogs for years I decided to take the plunge and create my own little corner on the internet.
365 days later I'm still here!

Personally I gave up every hobby I've ever took up such as dancing, tiquando you name it! However something I've always loved was writing and writing about things I love is just...well pretty awesome.
Along with writing posts blogging has gotten me into enjoying photography and even though I'm nowhere near a professional level I really like taking photos that I'm pleased with.

As it's Keep Dreaming's first birthday I decided to treat it to a little makeover and bought a blog design. Before now I was using ones that were free and that I would find on the Internet but I was never truly happy with them, but I didn't want to spend money incase like every other hobby I gave up on it. Now that it's been a year and I am in no way thinking about giving blogging up because I adore it I bought a design that I am obsessed with! I adore the simplicity and clean design and think the floral design just gives it a little girly touch. I hope you also like it!

Girls Night In Inspiration ♡

Who doesn't love a girls night in?! Consisting of friends, food, films, pampering and a little bit of gossip there really is nothing better than a good night in! I decided to put a little mood board together to give you all some inspiration for when you decide to have another pamper night in with your friends!

The first thing Pyjamas. I absolutely adore comfy pyjamas and when they have cute prints on them that's even better!

Another thing I cannot go without to keep me cosy and comfy are Cushions and Throws and lots of em! The two cushions above are from House of Fraser, find here with all their other cushions and how adorable are they!? The dog shaped cushion is currently on sale for just £10 while the cushion with the quote is down to £22.40.
The two throws are also from House of Fraser and I absolutely adore the big knitted ones and I swear I would just hibernate in them for days if I could. The soft fleece throw is currently on sale for £7.50 (I'll take 10 thanks) while the big chunky knitted throw is down to £30.00. Again they have lots more in store and so you can have a nosey at them all right here!

Once you're all comfy and cosy it's time for Pizza! Some Sweets, Cupcakes, Popcorn and Cocktails are also normally on the menu!
Once you're surrounded by food and some alcoholic/non alcoholic beverages it's Chick Flick time! I always find that the older movies such as the classic Mean Girls is always one that just has to be watched! 

Japan Candy Box ♡

Who's obsessed with candy? Actually...who isn't obsessed with candy!
Well say hello to the Japan Candy Box*, a subscription box delivered to your door every month for just $19.90 (roughly £12.75/€18.28). Containing 8 - 10 Japanese candies it's sure to get your mouth watering!

Pictured above are the contents of the June box, included inside was also a note of what everything was in English as some of the packaging are pretty hard to figure out what things are and if it's candy or chewing gum so it definitely came in handy.

Empties // I Finally Hit Pan ♡

Only recently I stated in my last empties post (here) how I find it unbelievable how people can do an empties post every month because it takes me forever to finish products....Literally a week later, on the same day everything ran out on me that morning! No it was not fun trying to do my makeup for work that day.

Rimmel Match Perfection in shade 100 ivory & 101 classic ivory
Yes! Two foundations, two!! How does someone manage to go through two bottles of foundations and have them both empty at the same time. I honestly don't even know myself and no I was not mixing them I was using them both separately. I adore this foundation as it's really light on the skin and you can build up the coverage if you need too. I'm working all week and need to try and get to my local Boots asap as the foundation i have to use now is full coverage and it's way too warm for that kind of commitment right now. 

Pampering Yourself With Bonjour Hk ♡

I've said it before and I'll say it again, there is nothing I love more than a good 'oul pamper night! Consisting of your favourite movies, face masks, lotions, creams, candles and chocolate what's not to love? 

Bonjour Hk definitely know how to help you have a great pamper night stocking the most amazing and fun face masks along with skincare and beauty items, you'll basically find the best of the best over on their website and offering free shipping it's hard not to place an order! Have a peek at their website here.

Starting with the most adorable face masks I have ever seen in my life, the Berrisom Animal Masks* ($10.56 / €9.58) are a pack of 7 sheet face masks with animals faces printed on them! You know when you were a child at a party and you'd always get your face painted as your favourite animal!? Well this is basically like that but for grown up's because it's actually doing something good for your skin. I swear I die of cuteness every time I open one up because it's something you don't come across often. The masks themselves are all different to help your skin in different ways. For example theres a Vitamin C & Adenosine mask, a Blackberry one and a Hyaluronic Acid one! Definitely a great little novelty gift for those who love animals and face masks!

MiTi The Bobbin That Leaves No Evidence ♡

The Red Edit ♡

I don't think there's anything more classic than a red lip when it comes to makeup! I just adore the statement look it gives and find that you just really cannot go wrong with it...unless you don't apply liner first then you can go wrong I guess BUT that aside you can't!

Going through my lip product stash I realised that a good 70% of it consists of red lippy's and even though I probably have every shade of red that does not stop me buying more! I picked out some of my most used shades to share today and they all fit into different price ranges so theres mostly something for any kind of budget. It also amazed me when I swatched them just how different the shade red can be!

Fun In The Sun Giveaway ♡

The weather finally screams Summer especially here in Ireland where we are currently in a heatwave and all moaning about how hot it is. No but seriously...I am melting! That out of the way while some of you lucky ducks are off on holiday or just spending your days at the local beach relaxing have kindly offered to give you a little treat to have some fun while in the sun! 

Mid Year Blog Resolutions Look Back ♡

Is it just me or is it crazy to think that it's already July and there are only 5 months left in 2015. I decided to look back on some of my resolutions today to see how I've been getting on and to see if I've completed anything yet. I had set myself some blog resolutions and so I thought I'd look back on them to see how far I've gotten.

Starting with my blog resolutions (find post here) I set myself 6 goals to achieve.
The first one being to achieve being better at photography which I'll admit I was happy with at the start of this year however now I feel like it's going backways and so I still have to work on that.

Primark Beauty Blender ♡

I adore Primark but these days who doesn't?!
Recently on a walk home from work I decided to go into town and have a nosey in my local Pennys. While I picked up quite alot of stuff, I'm talking my pay cheque gone! I decided to have a look at their Cosmetics range, now I haven't heard much about their makeup products or brushes for that matter however their version of the Beauty Blender caught my eye and for €1.50 I decided to pop it into my basket to see what it would be like.

A Pop Of Pink ♡

Who doesn't love a little cute brush set in their collection, especially when it comes with such a pretty little brush roll too! This gorgeous 7 piece pink brush set* is from the lovely people over at Born Pretty Store and I just absolutely love it!

Containing 7 travel sized brushes in a cute little brush roll it's perfect for carrying around in your bag for touch ups throughout the day. You can use these brushes for whatever you prefer to but I'm going to say what I use them for as I find them great for these particular jobs. (Going in order of them in brush roll picture)

The bigger fluffy brush is perfect for applying powder while the large flat brush is the perfect size for applying your concealer especially in those awkward places such as under the eyes and around the nose.
The small flat brush I love using for packing colour onto the eyelid and under the lash line. The brush is dense enough so that it picks up enough product but not too much that it allows for fall out.
The small angle brush I find amazing for my brows! As it's small it allows you to really draw in the detail/shape that you want your brows to be. You could also use this for gel liner as it's angled so it would be perfect to help you create the ever so famous winged liner.
The thin liner brush is perfect for applying liner, the bristles are quite stiff helping you create a perfect line on the eyes.

Updated Skincare Routine ♡


It's been awhile since I've done a skincare routine and looking back on my old post (find here) some things have definitely changed as some things have been dropped and new things have been added!

I will admit also, I try to stick to this everyday and some days I will do it all but others after I've just got home from work I'm ready to fall into bed and so on them days I will use the Bioderma Micellar Water (Post on my thoughts coming soon) to remove my makeup and then just apply a moisturiser, but like I said I try not to do that everyday and stick to my actual routine!

The first thing I will use is the Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm to basically remove all of my makeup. I adore this product as while you're rubbing it into your skin you can basically see the makeup melting away. It takes literally no more than two minutes to remove a whole face of makeup with this product and I just love how clean and soft it leaves your skin feeling. You can find more of my thoughts on it here!

Next I'll move onto my trusty Garnier Micellar Water, even though I know the Cleansing Balm has removed all my makeup I like to still go over my face and neck with some of this on a cotton pad just to make sure I didn't miss anything. I've sang praises for this product pretty much in every skincare related post on Keep Dreaming so I'm sure by now you know my love for it. If you would like to read more about how much I love this product you can find it here.

Life Lately, Precisely This Week ♡

So the start of this week (Monday and Tuesday) I finally attended the 1989 tour and got to see Taylor Swift who is my absolute Queen and I loved every second of it, I won't lie I am still in pain from all the dancing and screaming I did.
1. For Monday night I had seated tickets and attended the show with my best friend and our mums and as always Taylor slayed me. I wore my Tulle skirt from Boohoo along with a off the shoulder crop from Primark with some white converse.
2. I also changed the colour of my hair this week! I went from jet black hair to a light brown and some balayage to brighten it for Summer and I have been dying to change it up for months now!
3. I ended up spending alot more on merch than I had expected too, however I absolutely adore the Tour Book as the photos are so gorgeous and the cover is all holographic which is quite cool.

1. Tuesdays night concert came around and it took me minutes before the support act came on to realise I had Pit Passes! I was standing at the front of the stage infront of the barrier where everyone who was standing was, I had never been so excited and happy in all of my life when I realised this. Being that close to your idol makes you emotional, trust me!!
2. For the second night after being so warm the first night and even warmer the next day (Ireland currently has a heat wave and I cannot wait for it to leave) I decided on a pair of high waisted shorts, a tshirt from the merch stand and Taylor Swift Keds.
3. I danced and sang all night long so much so that I was getting everyones attention (I wasn't trying too I was just really enjoying myself) The dancers were forever waving down at me (whom my mum was wooing over while I was too busy dancing to return their waves and laughs), they were sitting on front of me at one stage and just staring at me (I can't dance), even Taylors mum was having a giggle at me (she was also sat on front of me). After a while Paul (her guitarist) came off stage and I got a guitar pleck from him and I swear I died in that moment right there!

June Favourites ♡

I think this month I'll skip the it feels like only yesterday when I posted my last monthly favourites just to change it up a little you know! 

This month was a bit of a random bunch and not just makeup related products which I guess is a nice change. So lets get straight into it.

Disney's Into The Woods Soundtrack I already adored this album but then was lucky enough to win the Deluxe Edition from UPC Ireland on Twitter which was a nice little surprise. Since receiving it through the post I've had it on repeat non stop and I cannot wait for the movie to come out on DVD because everything about it is simply amazing.

Neutrogena Nordic Berry Hand Cream* This month I finally got a new job in a Salon again doing what I love. However that means my hands are in contact with water, shampoos, colours etc and they get really dry and sore so I have been using this handcream non stop and I really do love it. It has the most gorgeous scent that I can only explain as Summer Berries, it absorbs really fast which is great and it doesn't leave a greasy residue or feeling on your hands like some hand creams do.

Batiste Dry Shampoo I adore dry shampoo especially the Batiste brand and I find it brilliant for second day hair just to freshen it up. I have gone through numerous amounts of bottles throughout the years and no matter which new brand I try I always go back to this one! I adore every scent they have and it just works so well. I'm currently using a huge 400ml bottle so I'm hoping it will last me a while!