I adore Primark but these days who doesn't?!
Recently on a walk home from work I decided to go into town and have a nosey in my local Pennys. While I picked up quite alot of stuff, I'm talking my pay cheque gone! I decided to have a look at their Cosmetics range, now I haven't heard much about their makeup products or brushes for that matter however their version of the Beauty Blender caught my eye and for €1.50 I decided to pop it into my basket to see what it would be like.

Honestly I was not impressed! Sure I wasn't expecting miracles but sometimes you can be surprised when it comes to Primark's own products but I just did not get on with this. Firstly I must have washed it twice before using it as it smells so strange, like it's just a manufactured smell that you cannot get rid of. When it comes to using sponges to apply my foundation and concealer I much prefer to use them damp as I think the finish is much more flawless than if you used the sponge dry. So I ran this under water and it just wouldn't hold any of it, it barely gets damp to be honest and it doesn't get any bigger in size which would be due to it not being able to hold onto the water. Finally the application is just okay but you can only use it to apply so much product before getting afraid that the smell of the sponge is going to transfer onto your face while applying your foundation.

So for me this was a total let down but every now and then that happens, for €1.50 it didn't break the bank at all and I did kind of expect it to be a bust more so than be amazed by it. I will be sticking with my Real Techniques sponge for some more time I guess.

Have you tried any of Primark's beauty range?