Who doesn't love a little cute brush set in their collection, especially when it comes with such a pretty little brush roll too! This gorgeous 7 piece pink brush set* is from the lovely people over at Born Pretty Store and I just absolutely love it!

Containing 7 travel sized brushes in a cute little brush roll it's perfect for carrying around in your bag for touch ups throughout the day. You can use these brushes for whatever you prefer to but I'm going to say what I use them for as I find them great for these particular jobs. (Going in order of them in brush roll picture)

The bigger fluffy brush is perfect for applying powder while the large flat brush is the perfect size for applying your concealer especially in those awkward places such as under the eyes and around the nose.
The small flat brush I love using for packing colour onto the eyelid and under the lash line. The brush is dense enough so that it picks up enough product but not too much that it allows for fall out.
The small angle brush I find amazing for my brows! As it's small it allows you to really draw in the detail/shape that you want your brows to be. You could also use this for gel liner as it's angled so it would be perfect to help you create the ever so famous winged liner.
The thin liner brush is perfect for applying liner, the bristles are quite stiff helping you create a perfect line on the eyes.

I'm not really sure what you call the padded eyeshadow applicators but I don't really use these as I don't like them so I didn't actually use this but if you enjoy using them there's one in this set which I'm sure will make you happy!
Finally the lash/brow comb is basically used for what you think! I didn't think the brush for the brows would actually work to be honest but it does and helps set the brows into place.

This little set will only set you back €5.46 which I think is such a bargain for a little set you can pop into your bag and bring with you. The quality is amazing as I have washed these about three times so far and they have not lost any bristles! The bristles are also super soft and don't feel scratchy in any way like other cheap brushes do. Finally their pink!! Which personally for me makes them very pretty to look at, I also love that the bristles go from white to pink as it's something all my other brushes don't have so it's a cute little change! I'd definitely recommend this set if you're on the look out for an affordable set to just carry around with you.
You can find this brush set on the Born Pretty Store website here

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What brushes do you tend to carry in your handbag with you?