Since doing my mid year look back (find here) I'm determined to get at least one outfit post up a week, lets see how long that lasts!

Here in Ireland we're being very lucky in the sense that the Sun and warm weather still likes us so that you can actually wear skirts and shorts and not freeze to death. I decided to take a quick snap of my outfit today, I kept it pretty simple today and wore all of the one colour because it's smart to just wear all black clothes out into the sun...right!?

My top is from Primark and I only picked this up recently so I'm sure it's still in stock. Let's be real here though how could I not pick it up! I really dislike black tshirts but made an exception for this because of the saying. Although my parents did question as to why I wanted it so badly! It also like everything in Primark is affordable and only costs €8.00

Going simple today I just paired it with a basic plain black skirt also from Primark. They basically have these in every colour and pattern you could think of and usually stock them all year round. The basic style skirts will only set you back €4.00 and I really like the fact that even if it's windy outside you can wear them without having to worry about if they might blow up. I'm not the only one who plans my outfit around the weather am I?

Keeping it simple as always with jewellery I'm just wearing my Fossil watch and some midi rings* from findyourzen.

Finally I paired my outfit with these Boots from a local shoe shop. I love the gold detailing and little cutouts, even though they are comfortable they are quite heavy but you kind of get used to the weight on your feet.

Whats your favourite colour to wear?