I think this month I'll skip the it feels like only yesterday when I posted my last monthly favourites just to change it up a little you know! 

This month was a bit of a random bunch and not just makeup related products which I guess is a nice change. So lets get straight into it.

Disney's Into The Woods Soundtrack I already adored this album but then was lucky enough to win the Deluxe Edition from UPC Ireland on Twitter which was a nice little surprise. Since receiving it through the post I've had it on repeat non stop and I cannot wait for the movie to come out on DVD because everything about it is simply amazing.

Neutrogena Nordic Berry Hand Cream* This month I finally got a new job in a Salon again doing what I love. However that means my hands are in contact with water, shampoos, colours etc and they get really dry and sore so I have been using this handcream non stop and I really do love it. It has the most gorgeous scent that I can only explain as Summer Berries, it absorbs really fast which is great and it doesn't leave a greasy residue or feeling on your hands like some hand creams do.

Batiste Dry Shampoo I adore dry shampoo especially the Batiste brand and I find it brilliant for second day hair just to freshen it up. I have gone through numerous amounts of bottles throughout the years and no matter which new brand I try I always go back to this one! I adore every scent they have and it just works so well. I'm currently using a huge 400ml bottle so I'm hoping it will last me a while!

Nude Lip Glosses Normally all throughout Summer I wear colour, whether it be on my eyes or lips but recently I've just been loving popping a nude gloss on my lips and heading off. I just find because it's nude it goes with absolutely everything you wear and whatever makeup look you decide to go with. I've been loving NYX and Tanya Burr Cosmetics in particular for the nude glosses!

Botanics Radiance Balm Oh my goodness is all I can say for this product, it is just so god damn amazing and I absolutely adore it and I'm pretty sure it's my new holy grail! I've done a post all about it here so you can have a read if you'd like to hear more of my thoughts on it. It just gives your skin the most radiant glow and especially in this weather it just looks really nice.

P.s Love Peppermint Softening Foot Cream I know that including a foot cream is a bit strange but it's amazing and I have been loving and using it alot so I couldn't not mention it. Working as a hairdresser means you're standing on your feet all day long and then I also walk home from work which is roughly about a 40 minute walk so by the time I'm home my feet are in bits. However this cream is like a little mini pampering for my feet and it helps them relax, I definitely need to try more from this range as I'm really impressed.

Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm I am head over heels about this product, it just makes removing your makeup so much quicker and reduces the time spent on your skin routine and it's basically just a dream! I adore the Botanics range which I'm sure you know by now and I swear I'd recommend it to anyone as it's amazing. You simply apply it to your face and rub it around and you can see the makeup melting off before your very eyes. Amazing product and yeah I just love it so much! (post here)

Primark Appletini Mason Jar Candle I was never one to be crazy for candles, I always had two or three in my room that I would light every now and again but I'd never spend any crazy money on one. When I seen this in Primark I just thought it looked so cute and surprisingly smelt amazing and for only three euros I decided to pick it up. Much to my surprise when this candle lighting the scent is actually strong and lingers around the house, it reminds me of apple drops and for such a cheap candle I definitely want to pick up a few more as I am obsessed!

Beauty People Black Gel Liner Pencil* I adore gel liner and gel liner in pencil form is just awesome! I've been using this particular one for some amount of time now and I just adore how pigmented it is. It also has some very small specks of silver glitter in it which I think is a nice change. It lasts all day and doesn't budge until you remove it with your makeup remover.

What products made it into your monthly favourites?