I don't think there's anything more classic than a red lip when it comes to makeup! I just adore the statement look it gives and find that you just really cannot go wrong with it...unless you don't apply liner first then you can go wrong I guess BUT that aside you can't!

Going through my lip product stash I realised that a good 70% of it consists of red lippy's and even though I probably have every shade of red that does not stop me buying more! I picked out some of my most used shades to share today and they all fit into different price ranges so theres mostly something for any kind of budget. It also amazed me when I swatched them just how different the shade red can be!

L'oreal Collection Exclusive in 'Blake's Red' Definitely one of my favourites, it applies gorgeously and has a good amount of staying power. I also really adore the packaging as I think it looks quite expensive and of course as it's Blake's red it's hard for any Gossip Girl fanatic not too pick it up right...right!!? Coming in many red shades to suit different skin tones one of these will set you back €10.49

Avon Colour Trend in 'Poppy Love ' I used to love Avon products when it was here in Ireland and it was vary rare when I didn't order something from the catalog. There makeup was definitely one of my firsts due to the cheap price range but I found it really good. I have a few of the lipsticks and even though I now have more well known brands in my collection I still use these! This shade of red though has a peachy undertone to it almost making it a darker salmon colour. The staying power is ok in this and basically if you take a sip from a glass you're going to have to reapply it unless you wear it sheer on your lips. I don't know the exact price but it's only around €3.00

Mac Matte in 'Russian Red' Oh the ever so famous beautiful Mac lipsticks and I am ashamed to say I only own three! That aside I will admit I adore this colour. I wouldn't go as far as saying it's my Snow White red because it isn't as it's much more darker than that however when this is on your lips you better believe it is not moving! Even though it's matte it doesn't leave your lips feeling all dry and it's one of those shades I'd recommend anyone having in their collection! A Mac lipstick will set you back €19.50

Rimmel Apocalips in 'Big Bang' People are very split between this product, you either love it or you hate it and personally I love it. I'll admit when I first tried them I hated them and thought they were absolutely dreadful however I continued to use them and I just adore them now. You do have to be very careful with your application of this as they are super glossy and stain really quickly! Normally when I apply these I will blot my lips on a piece of tissue to take away any access because it is very easy to make a mess with these. They come in loads of colours and offer a matte range now too! They cost €8.49 each

Wet n Wild in 'Stoplight Red' Say hello to the Blakes Red dupe! You can not tell the difference when I have this on my top lip and the Blakes red on my bottom lip they are literally 100% the same exact shade, the only difference being the brand and the pricetag. The Wet n Wild lipsticks are a circle shape making them a little more harder to define your lip shade so I would definintely recommend using a lip liner first especially with this red as it's such a statement. It almost has a berry undertone to it and I've probably used this more than the L'oreal one! I can't get my hands on Wet n Wild here in Ireland but I think there around €5 or less.

W7 Butter Kiss in 'Red Light' Definitely the lightest red shade out of them all but still one I really like to wear when I don't want to go full on bold red lip. These lipsticks are insanely buttery and just glide on so easily. They do not bleed at all so you don't actually have to wear a lipliner if you do not want too. Has decent staying power and does need to be touched up through out the day but nothing you can't manage! These will set you back only £4.50

Avon in 'Really Rosy ' Another lighter red shade that I will admit is probably my least used but is sometimes picked out again if I don't want to go full on bold red. Theres also tiny little specks of glitter in this nothing crazy but just something that adds a little bit of shine. Again this does not bleed so theres no need for lipliner if you don't want to use it. This was €6.50

Finally Makeup Studio Liquid Lipstick and Gloss in '#13 ' Quite like the Apocalips this is a liquid lipstick with a gloss that is very glossy and stains pretty quickly. It's staying power however isn't as good as the Apocalips range but I do like the fact that you can choose to make the red colour glossy by adding the gloss on top or just leaving it the way it is. I will say that the red colour is stunning when it's on and I feel like it would suit alot of skintones. These ones will set you back €19.90

What are your favourite red lipsticks to wear?