So the start of this week (Monday and Tuesday) I finally attended the 1989 tour and got to see Taylor Swift who is my absolute Queen and I loved every second of it, I won't lie I am still in pain from all the dancing and screaming I did.
1. For Monday night I had seated tickets and attended the show with my best friend and our mums and as always Taylor slayed me. I wore my Tulle skirt from Boohoo along with a off the shoulder crop from Primark with some white converse.
2. I also changed the colour of my hair this week! I went from jet black hair to a light brown and some balayage to brighten it for Summer and I have been dying to change it up for months now!
3. I ended up spending alot more on merch than I had expected too, however I absolutely adore the Tour Book as the photos are so gorgeous and the cover is all holographic which is quite cool.

1. Tuesdays night concert came around and it took me minutes before the support act came on to realise I had Pit Passes! I was standing at the front of the stage infront of the barrier where everyone who was standing was, I had never been so excited and happy in all of my life when I realised this. Being that close to your idol makes you emotional, trust me!!
2. For the second night after being so warm the first night and even warmer the next day (Ireland currently has a heat wave and I cannot wait for it to leave) I decided on a pair of high waisted shorts, a tshirt from the merch stand and Taylor Swift Keds.
3. I danced and sang all night long so much so that I was getting everyones attention (I wasn't trying too I was just really enjoying myself) The dancers were forever waving down at me (whom my mum was wooing over while I was too busy dancing to return their waves and laughs), they were sitting on front of me at one stage and just staring at me (I can't dance), even Taylors mum was having a giggle at me (she was also sat on front of me). After a while Paul (her guitarist) came off stage and I got a guitar pleck from him and I swear I died in that moment right there!

I would do anything to go back and relive both shows again because I had the best time ever!
I had to attach a little collage of what my view was the first night (the first photo) and then my view the second night (second & third photo) like she was legit beside me and I'm still recovering.

Along with that I mentioned I changed my hair colour and I absolutely love it, even though everytime I look in the mirror I get a fright because I keep forgetting that I got it done!

Have you done anything exciting this week?