I'm one of those people who love having my hair dead straight and I know I know as a Hairstylist I should know better and not be straightening my hair everyday but hush I like it! However when I've spent time straightening my hair I like to leave it straight so it's mega annoying when you put it in a pony tail for awhile and then take it out and well you have anything but straight hair! The lovely people over at Laceys sent me some MiTi's to try out.

MiTi* is a new bobbin that allows you to put your hair up for hours and guarantees that when you take it out of your hair it'll look the exact same prior to putting it up. So I've been testing them out for a few weeks to see do they really work and to my surprise they really do!

When I first saw these my instant reaction was there's no way these are going to work because how are they even going to be tight in your hair. I don't know maybe something scientific is involved who knows but they hold your hair up stay as tight or as loose as you'd like them to be any don't leave and evidence that you've had your hair tied up. They also go back to their original size and don't stay stretched out after using them!

Since using these I've tossed out all my original bobbins that I used to use because these are so much more gentle on the hair as they never seem to get tangled in my hair therefore I'm not pulling out any lumps of hair trying to remove them. I also found when I wore bobbins too tight I'd get headaches but no matter how tight these are they never cause me to get any. Also you can sleep in these with no problem at all!

I've had these in my hair while working in a busy salon and my hair would not fall or anything and even when I'm dancing about while cleaning (don't lie we all do it) or out for my daily walk the MiTi's are absolutely amazing and do not budge. Coming in a range of colours including transparent there's a colour to suit everyone. They currently have a new range out at the moment especially for Summer which consists of 'Sunset Red' 'Seabreeze Blue' and 'Sunshine Yellow'

The MiTi will cost you £3.75 for a pack of three and you can currently buy them in local salons located in England and on Look Fantastic here

Have you tried the MiTi?