Nars Laguna Bronzer ♡

After lusting after Nars products for years, I finally got something from the brand for Christmas and to say I was excited was an understatement. I finally got the bronzer everybody and their dog had been raving on about and was so excited to try it out.

Not going to lie when I first seen it in the packaging I was scared as it looked so dark but it doesn't transfer onto the brush as dark and you can build it to your desirable colour which I love. Speaking of the packaging this one isn't the normal sleek looking Nars packaging and I think it was a limited edition version? Honestly I'm really not sure but it came with a mini version of the ever so famous Nars ITA brush which was a bonus as I had been dying to try that out also.

Real Techniques Ebay Edition ♡

Real Techniques are without a doubt my favourite affordable brand of brushes. I've been trying to get my hands on the setting brush since I knew of its existence but sadly every single time it is out of stock, both online and in my local Boots. As I've been starting to get more into contou…

Happy Birthday Sheldon ♡

I can't believe my little boy is already one! This lil fellow has managed to put a smile on my face everyday without fail since getting him. He's just so fluffy and adorable I love him, even if he does do things on purpose sometimes just to annoy me. His cheeky little personality is my fav…

Current Beauty Wishlist ♡

Is it just me or does anybody else have a never ending wishlist? It just grows daily especially after reading blogposts! However I have narrowed it down to products I want to try this month/next month. Do let me know if you have tried any of these products and if they are actually worth getting.

Foundation Concealer & Powder Using 1 Tool ♡

If you had told me last month that in January I would be only using one tool to apply my foundation,concealer and powder I would have told you, you were mad. If you said that tool was a sponge I probably would have rolled my eyes and walked away. 
I've never been into the hype of sponge blenders. The likes of the beauty blender is just a bit of a silly price for my budget, but when I seen the Real Techniques Complexion Sponge down to €4.42 (normally €5.89) back in early December I decided to pick it up and give it a try. All I can say is thank you past self you did good!

Thats right the Real Techniques Complexion Sponge is now my new favourite tool, and it does an amazing job not applying one or two products but three base products! 
You can use the sponge damp or dry whatever you would prefer, personally I have been using it damp as I find I use less product than I normally would if I was using a brush or the sponge dry. Thats the first great thing about this tool, I find I use much less product than I normally would which is great because it means you aren't running out of products as quickly.

W7 vs Urban Decay ♡

Oh W7 how I do love you! 
If you don't know already W7 is fastly becoming one of my favourite affordable brands because of the great quality and affordable prices! From the products I have of theirs so far I have noticed quite a few dupes for more expensive products! My first one in which you can find here, definitely recommend you checking it out especially if you are a fan of the They're Real mascara by Benefit as you'll be in for a surprise! 

Urban Decay Naked is probably one of my most used palettes out of my makeup collection because the colours are great for any kind of look. However the price tag is a little on the expensive side at €44.00 so it's not exactly ideal if you're on a budget. 
Thankfully that's where W7 comes in! The Lightly Toasted palette* is a cheaper palette at only €7.99 and it's got the exact same colours and quality for a quarter of the price.

I know what you're thinking, if I buy the Naked one though won't it have better colour pay off?
As you can see from the picture above the colours are the exact same! W7 have made their shadows so creamy and pigmented with just one swipe. Honestly I was blown away by the quality of this and the fact that every single colour is so on point.

A Passion For Natural Skincare ♡

The past few months I've been loving Natural skincare products. Just seeing products containing natural ingredients just makes me happy and excited! So when I spot some natural skincare when I'm out I will more than likely snap it up to give it a try. 

A Passion For Natural are as you can probably tell a natural skincare line which feature Aloe Vera as their main ingredient in their products. The lovely people over at A Passion For Natural sent me over the Aloe Vera Body Scrub,* Aloe Vera Body Butter,* and the Aloe Vera Lip Butter.* I was so excited to start trying them all and they all smell so fresh and lovely because of the Aloe Vera!

Aloe Vera Body Scrub* £10.95: I have to start out by saying I absolutely adore the packaging for this product. It clips each side after you push down the lid so you know that it's secure as there is nothing worse if you are travelling and a lid comes loose causing a huge mess! This product is amazing, it has tons of little gritty bits in it and is just the perfect consistency. It includes natural walnut shells in the product and it rinses off very easily, unlike some I've tried prior and you end up fighting it off your skin. The tub is huge containing 300ml of product so you know it will last for some time. Definitely a product I would recommend as I find it amazing! I also used it before applying tan and have to say my tan came out so nice and even thanks to this little gem! 

Taking Blog Post Photos ♡

One of my Blog Resolutions this year is to get better at photography, as I find pictures can really make or break a post. Take the likes of Bloglovin the first preview of a blogpost you see is the picture and if it's dark and all fussy or out of focus you're more than likely to skip that post and not read it right!? I've been trying a few new things since the start of this year when it comes to my photography and for the first time since starting this blog I can say I actually like it at this very moment. However that doesn't mean I'm not going to try and improve it even more! Since my last post about helping bloggers with blogpost ideas (you can find here) was such a success I thought I'd write down some of the things that have been working for me recently. I'm in no way a wiz at this stuff, I just want to tell you what's been working for me incase anyone else is struggling!

♡ Get Rid Of The Flash
I know crazy right? I had read this so much over and over again from different bloggers and I thought they were mad! Get rid of the flash?! The thing that helps make the photos bright!? 
Yes! turn it off and don't use it! Natural Light is your new best friend seriously! All my photos since the start of this year have been taken without a flash and the difference is just crazy! The photo below shows an example of my photography last year using a flash constantly and this year only using natural lighting.

♡ Work Near A Window
So like I said you've ditched your flash, but now how is the light coming in your window going to give you the best possible lighting to where you take photos? When taking photos I'd recommend working as close to a window as you can as thats where the best possible lighting is going to be! I used to take my photos on my dressing table and even though it's close to my window the pictures still just weren't looking how I wanted them too. So this year I've moved as close to my window as I possibly could. Which brings me onto my next heading..

I Went Spending ♡

 I finally decided to go into town as I hadn't been in since before Christmas. I went down thinking 'okay I'm going down to start a new wardrobe' which meant buying new clothes right?! Well thats what it was supposed to mean but I only managed to come home with a jumper and a pair of leggings.... Yep clothes wise wasn't the greatest but somehow I managed to pick up more makeup, because you know totally need more of that! 

In Pennys/Primark I picked up these adorable boy shorts styled underwear and just thought they were too cute not to share! I am a sucker for anything Disney especially when it comes to Frozen so as soon as I saw Elsa on some they went straight into my basket! Well I didn't exactly have a basket as I didn't buy that much but they stayed on my arm! The other pair I picked up because of the little quote. Is anybody else a sucker when it comes to quotes? Seriously they can print them on anything and I will buy it! These were only €2.00 while the Frozen ones were €3.00.

I almost squeeled with excitement when I went into Shaws and seen that they now have a NYX stand like oh my goodness I must have been at that stand for at least 20 minutes, so much so that my mother left me to walk around the rest of the store! Honestly I wanted everything and will more than likely buy more very soon but I was good and only picked up 4 items.
First thing I picked up was the HD Concealer in 01 Porcelain. I picked up the lightest shade as I want to use it to highlight more so than cover blemishes. I have to say I really like the packaging, which is probably strange but it just looks expensive! This was €6.99.
The next thing I picked up was the Milk Jumbo Eye Pencil. Where this was supposed to be it was empty, but all the other compartments containing all the other colours were full, so I decided to look through them all to make sure nobody put a Milk pencil in the wrong one and to my luck I found one! This has definitely been a main product I've wanted to try so I was so unbelievably happy when I got my hands on it. This was €4.99.
There was so many blushes to choose from I really didn't know where to start, I ended up picking up the shade PB17 Desert Rose which is such a gorgeous colour I honestly am in love with it. The pigment in it is absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to start using this! This was €7.49
Finally I picked up one of their Matte Lipsticks. Again, so many shades I didn't know what to pick up. There was a shade chart showing the colours on and there was one colour (which I forget the name of, all I remember is it started with an M) that I fell in love with but sadly there was none to be found. So I picked up another shade I liked the look of MLS22 Strawberry Daiquiri which is a really nice orangey-pink. This was €7.49 also.

Origins Mask Marvels ♡

Origins have been a brand I've forever heard such great reviews about which in return have made me want to try out some of their products for so long, so when I received a set of 3 as a gift I was so happy. I've been using these since I got them and have really fallen in love with them all and now can see why there's such a big hype about them!

Clear Improvement Clay Mask: This mask is absolutely great for when your skin is being bold and breaking out left right and center. Even if it's not left, right and center but still a few little breakouts or ones you can feel are coming on and are waiting to pop up and say hello, this is the product you need to annoy those pesky little buggers! The charcoal acts almost like a magnet sucking any little spots or impurities ready to pop up away, like poof gone! To use this mask you simply wipe over your face with a warm cloth to open up your pores, apply the mask and leave on till it dries. Normally I leave mine on for 15-20 minutes and then rinse it off. I'm not one to suffer a lot with spots thankfully but sometimes my skin decides to hate me and especially after eating so much junk during Christmas. This mask however is amazing and definitely helped my skin go back to normal. Now whenever I feel anything is about to appear on my face that I don't want I'll use this knowing it will keep impurities away. It also leaves your skin feeling so amazingly soft after using!

Affordable Beauty Products || For Eyes ♡

So I've decided to start a little series ft. products that I think are definitely worth having in your makeup collection. They are all going to be drugstore products so that they stay in the affordable range. I might do a highstreet version too if you would be interested in one of those too, do let me know! Anyhow heres the Eye products that I love and would definitely recommend to someone who may be just starting to get into makeup or even someone who's been in the industry for years. I think these products are definitely worth at least a try.

Collection 'All About The Eyes' palette by Little Mix: This is such a great palette for your basic mattes and shimmer colours that you need to do a natural or smoky looking eye. The 6 colours are so pigmented along with being so creamy and easy to blend. With an eye primer they really stay on your eyes all day and don't budge! It's definitely a great palette to have in anybodys collection and the best part it is only €3.99

Wet n Wild in The Naked Truth: A brand I got to try near the end of last year was Wet n Wild and I was truly impressed by the quality. I will admit the brand is quite hard to get over here but if you're lucky enough to find some online I'd definitely recommend you grab one up as they are great quality. The pigmentation is amazing and the products are so creamy. It's also great how they have laid out an eye look for you so theres no thinking involved when you're in a rush and have to do some eye makeup! These palettes are only around €4.99

W7 In The Buff Lightly Toasted*: A perfect palette containing the gorgeous nude colours you would ever need to create a simple or dramatic eye look. I adore W7 products especially their eyeshadow products. If you are after the Naked palette but don't exactly have the money to spend on it this is a dupe for it! (post coming soon). The shadows are amazingly pigmented and last for hours! This palette is only €7.99

Face Of The Day ♡

Firstly excuse the oh so posey picture I will admit I was liking my makeup and so I wanted to take a quick snap! I decided to go out shopping today and so of course I had to put on some makeup!

I picked up the Real Techniques complexion sponge before Christmas and have been adoring the finish it g…

Sheldon's First Christmas ♡

Makeup Revolution Blush Palette Win ♡

If you've read my blog for awhile you will know that I adore Makeup Revolution. Their products are fantastic quality for amazing prices and you really couldn't get better anywhere else! In December I was lucky enough to win the lovely Louise over at LouLouLand's competition to win the …

Get In Loser We're Blogging || Post Ideas ♡

Sometimes I'm not the most organised when it comes to blog posts. Sometimes I can have about 13 wrote and ready to post and other days the post that goes live is one I've just spent my morning doing. It just depends what works for me as sometimes I find I can't put a sentence together and others I can't stop typing.
Other times I find I can't think of any ideas for a new Blogpost without going out and buying the latest beauty release so you have something to talk about, and lets be real most of the time thats not a very realistic thing to do. Over the past few weeks I've been jotting down absolutely any idea that comes into my mind no matter if I feel I will use them or not. So today I thought I'd share some incase anyone like me sometimes get stuck when it comes to thinking of some new ideas!

A Brand Focus
You could make this as big or as small of a series on your blog. Focusing on different brands you could talk about the products you own from that brand and talk about which ones you loved and ones you didn't think much of.

What's In Your Makeup Bag
These are one of my favourites posts to read. You can show the products that are your makeup bag staples and what your opinion is on them. Along with what's in your everyday makeup bag you can mix it up showing what products would be in it for a no makeup, makeup day or for when maybe you're going out for a night on the town or to an event. It's a great way to share your favourite products along with maybe allowing readers to discover a product or a brand that they want to try out.

My Week In Pictures
I really like these posts, especially on a lazy Sunday. If you enjoy taking photos throughout your week why not share some of your favourites at the end of the week to allow people have a little nosey into your everyday life. You could even do a roundup of the Instagram pictures you've posted that week.

Holy Grail Products
I have yet to do a post about this but why not do a round up of the beauty or skincare products you cannot live without! We all love discovering new products and again this may allow people to do just that! Also personally when something is your favourite product I find it really easy to write about, so hopefully you wouldn't get stuck trying to write it!

♡ Shopping Haul 
Have you been shopping recently? Show your recently purchased items and then cry because you've broken your January spending ban!

Essence Party Look Makeup Box ♡

Essence makeup definitely blew up in 2014 with everybody talking about the great products for affordable prices, as soon as I seen this little box of products I had to pick it up and pop it in my basket. The set contains 8 eyeshadows, an applicator, a highlighter & blush as well as 2 different glitter lipglosses.

The coloured eyeshadows they've included in this box are definitely great for a 'party look'. The first row being great for a sparkly look while the second row were great for a dark dramatic look. The purple ('all eyes on you') is my favourite, the shade is just absolutely gorgeous. The two darkest colours are definitely perfect if you like a real heavy black smokey eye which personally I cannot pull off.
The eyeshadows are very pigmented with obviously the glitter shades being slightly lighter, but a few layers and you can make it as bold as you like! They blend really well and go on very easily. After trying these I definitely want to pick up more of their eyeshadows especially single ones to give them a try!

The highlighter and blush are quite pigmented also and very pretty. The highlighter gives you a lovely little glow to where ever you feel you need it. There is glitter particles in it so the only thing I would say about applying it is just to be careful if you don't like the glitter look! The blush is a lovely light coral and is very flattering on. What I like about this blush is that it's not too in your face, it just adds a little bit of colour to the cheeks which is nice for when you don't want to go crazy with blush.

My Current Skincare Routine ♡

Let's be honest we all love to wear makeup, but I dread the thought of having to take it off properly. It really pains me. Sometimes I'm really tempted to just use a face wipe and be done with it but I know my skin will punish me the morning after so I just have to get on with it. This is my current skincare routine, more focused at the night time one rather than day time!

Yes To Cucumber Wipes: Yes I will start with wipes because I am lazy. However I do like these, they are 95% natural and don't hurt my skin. I use these to take off most of my makeup, except my eyes because they are mega sensitive. They smell really fresh and do a good job at removing the bulk of your makeup.

Garnier Micellar Water: My trusty micellar water, seriously if you have not tried this yet I'm telling you, you need this in your life. I use this to take off my eye makeup and any remaining makeup on my face that the wipes missed. What I like about this is that it's so gentle and it literally feels like you are just wiping water onto your face. It has no fragrance and doesn't irritate your eyes as sometimes I find if I use skin care products with fragrance they sting. 

Witch Gentle Exfoliating Face Wash: I adore this product! It's really gentle on the skin so great for those of us who suffer with sensitivity. If you don't suffer with sensitive skin you'd probably want to try something a bit stronger as there isn't a lot of gritty bits in this. However it works wonders for me and keeps any dry skin away. If you don't exfoliate I would recommend doing so as it makes a big difference and your makeup even sits nicer on your skin!

Foaming Tea Tree Daily Face Wash: I didn't have a daily face wash so when I seen this in a local pharmacy I picked it up to give it a try. I only use two pumps of this to clean my face. It spreads really well because it is foam and is fast too! It doesn't have a strong smell either.

Real Techniques: Jordans Picks ♡

Real Techniques is definitely one of my favourite brands for brushes as they are affordable and great quality. I decided to put a list together of my picks to share my favourite brushes from the range that I would definitely recommend to everyone!

Stippling Brush: This brush is amazing to apply your foundation. It doesn't pick up too much product so you're not wasting anything. It also helps blend your foundation into your skin beautifully. When first using it, it may seem scary but honestly just use it once and I promise it will become one of your new favourite brushes. The bristles are also unbelievably soft!

Buffing Brush: I've had this brush for a good while and have never used it on myself but have used it when applying mineral foundation on others. One day when I was rushing to do my makeup I just picked this up to quickly apply my foundation and I was so amazed. This brush is amazing to apply your foundation and blend out your concealer. It really helps you get the most out of your foundation and does an amazing job at giving you gorgeous coverage. This brush only comes in the Core collection but it's well worth the money and all of the brushes included in the set you definitely use.

Shading Brush: Honestly when I picked this up it was just because their was a 3 for 2 offer on and I didn't have this one so thats why I just picked this up. However of course I am so glad I did, it really can do all of your eye makeup for you. It can also blend out your concealer really well while keeping full coverage on any blemishes you may be trying to hide.

Makeup Revolution Liphugs ♡

Today I'm back with a review of one of my favourite brands at the moment! When the Makeup Revolution Liphugs were launched I knew I had to have some as I adored the sleek looking packaging and had heard so many great things about them. Plus you really can never have enough lip products right?!

When I went to purchase these I honestly didn't know which one's to get so I literally just pressed 'add to basket' on random ones without even looking up swatches of the colour because why not leave it a surprise until you get them to see what they look like in real life. Normally I wouldn't do this but I'm actually really glad which ones I did choose as I adore the colours! I especially love the pop of pink I added as I adore wearing bold bright pinks especially in the Summer time.

I've raved about Makeup Revolution lipsticks before, great quality, decent staying power and only €1.20. These however are slightly more expensive (but not?!) at €3.16 each but they are totally worth it! They are beyond creamy and as I'm sure you can tell from the swatches above extremely pigmented. I also find them very moisturising and when wearing them in the cold weather I don't have to worry about getting cracked lips because I know these will keep them safe. They come in a huge range of colours and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to try some new colours.

Soap and Glory Makeup ♡

I adore Soap and Glory bath and body products so when Boots had a 3 for 2 deal on their cosmetics range I decided why not purchase some things I've been wanting to try. After hearing so much about how great the Solar Bronzer was I knew I definitely wanted to pick it up to give it a try and along with it I picked up the Glow All Out highlighter and One Heck Of A Blot powder.

Solar Powder: This bronzer is definitely great because it's light in colour and buildable. When you first get it the S&G have pink shimmer on them but after one or two swipes it's gone and it doesn't transfer onto your skin so you don't have to worry about that. This is also a matte bronzer so you could use it to contour. Definitely gives you that gorgeous sun kissed glow!

Glow All Out: I wasn't a big fan of highlighters until recently and so decided to try this one out because the colour was so pretty. Let me just start off by saying this colour is absolutely stunning on! It really gives you an unbelievable glow and just makes your skin look so healthy. I've been constantly using this since getting it and right now it's definitely my favourite highlighter out of the ones I own. Definitely recommend you go to your nearest Boots store and give this a swatch as it is so beautiful. It does have glitter in it but not big chunks of it more like little shine spectacles to give you a nice healthy look.

Face Of The Day ft. Born Pretty Makeup ♡

When the lovely people over at Born Pretty contacted me to review some of their products I immediately jumped at the opportunity because they have some great products for such great prices!
While browsing through their site I couldn't help but notice that the Velvet Finish Moisturising lipstic…

Top Lip Products Of 2014 ♡

My final post of my 'Top Picks of 2014' series! To catch up on the others you can find my top eye picks here and my top face picks here.

There's no lie about it my lip collection definitely grew in 2014  and narrowing it down to just a few was difficult but I managed to do so!

Urban Decay Lip Junkie in Naked: This is a lip gloss that I think I got with the Naked palette and never really used it. I decided to see would it really 'cool & plump' lips like it claims to on the bottle so I paired it with darker purple shade lipsticks and I absolutely adore it. It smells very minty and definitely makes your lips tingle. I'm not to sure if it makes them look any difference to be honest but it really just finishes off a lipstick look. I more than likely will buy this product in full size when I run out of this little sample.

Tanya Burr Lipgloss in Picnic In The Park: A deep pink lipgloss that smells of strawberry laces, what more could you ask for? I really adore Tanya's line of glosses as I find their not mega sticky like some glosses and I absolutely hate that. They look gorgeous on the lips and give a gorgeous shine as well as being very pigmented. Definitely will add more of these to my collection this year.

Kate Moss in 110: I really adored a coral lip during Summer and this was my go to lipstick, I'm pretty sure I wore it almost everyday. It's such a gorgeous shade without being too in your face. I really love the Kate Moss line as I find they have such great lasting power and the colour range is absolutely huge. Definitely recommend taking a look at the range especially when Boots have a 3 for 2 offer it's always great to add to your collection!

Rimmel Lasting Finish Colour Rush in 710 Drive Me Nude: Firstly this smells of chocolate. I wore this a lot after getting it near the end of Summer as I found it was a great nude colour without making me look too washed out. This was actually a random purchase but I'm so glad I picked it up as it's so lovely and creamy. It's great for when you don't want to go all out with your lipstick as it just adds a little something.