I can't believe my little boy is already one! This lil fellow has managed to put a smile on my face everyday without fail since getting him. He's just so fluffy and adorable I love him, even if he does do things on purpose sometimes just to annoy me. His cheeky little personality is my favorite! 
He has gotten so grown up, its crazy looking back on old photos of when I first got him because he was just so tiny. 

As just like Christmas he is a guinea pig so there wasn't much of a reaction from him when I'd tell him it's his birthday other than him rumbling at my voice and wiggling his bum from side to side. However we did build a 'birthday cake' out of cucumber for him and he was loving life! As he is my first proper pet and is just mine he is literally like my child and I probably spend way too much of my money on him than I actually should. I'm currently getting ready to go to the pet store and pick him up some gifts, also debating whether to bring him with me or not as everyone in the store loves him because he's just so fluffy. 

Happy Birthday lil boy!