The past few months I've been loving Natural skincare products. Just seeing products containing natural ingredients just makes me happy and excited! So when I spot some natural skincare when I'm out I will more than likely snap it up to give it a try. 

A Passion For Natural are as you can probably tell a natural skincare line which feature Aloe Vera as their main ingredient in their products. The lovely people over at A Passion For Natural sent me over the Aloe Vera Body Scrub,* Aloe Vera Body Butter,* and the Aloe Vera Lip Butter.* I was so excited to start trying them all and they all smell so fresh and lovely because of the Aloe Vera!

Aloe Vera Body Scrub* £10.95: I have to start out by saying I absolutely adore the packaging for this product. It clips each side after you push down the lid so you know that it's secure as there is nothing worse if you are travelling and a lid comes loose causing a huge mess! This product is amazing, it has tons of little gritty bits in it and is just the perfect consistency. It includes natural walnut shells in the product and it rinses off very easily, unlike some I've tried prior and you end up fighting it off your skin. The tub is huge containing 300ml of product so you know it will last for some time. Definitely a product I would recommend as I find it amazing! I also used it before applying tan and have to say my tan came out so nice and even thanks to this little gem! 

Aloe Vera Body Butter* £8.95: When it comes to using body moisturisers and body butters I will admit I am dreadful at it, not that I forget about it but I am just so lazy about it! Again I have to mention the packaging on this product. Unlike other body butters that have a screw off lid this one just pops open which I think is such a great idea. After using this the day I got it I'll admit I haven't stopped using it, I'm religiously using it everyday as it leaves your skin so unbelievably soft it's amazing! It spreads really well and is thick so you don't need loads as a little goes a long way.

Aloe Vera Lip Butter* £4.95: I'm not one to always use a lip butter as thankfully I don't really suffer with dry lips. I will use them after taking off my makeup though just to help put some moisture back into them after exfoliating them with the Lush lip scrub. It definitely moisturises your lips leaving them feeling soft. I also find as soon as you touch the product in the tub it starts melting on your finger which is so nice as there really is nothing worse than a product in a tub that just does not come out. 

I'm really enjoying these three products and love that they are natural ingredients. The prices are very reasonable and you can find their products on their website here or you can find some also in Boots stores. I would definitely recommend these products to anyone in the market for some new products to treat your skin and keep it in fab condition!

Have you tried any products from A Passion For Natural ?