Essence makeup definitely blew up in 2014 with everybody talking about the great products for affordable prices, as soon as I seen this little box of products I had to pick it up and pop it in my basket. The set contains 8 eyeshadows, an applicator, a highlighter & blush as well as 2 different glitter lipglosses.

The coloured eyeshadows they've included in this box are definitely great for a 'party look'. The first row being great for a sparkly look while the second row were great for a dark dramatic look. The purple ('all eyes on you') is my favourite, the shade is just absolutely gorgeous. The two darkest colours are definitely perfect if you like a real heavy black smokey eye which personally I cannot pull off.
The eyeshadows are very pigmented with obviously the glitter shades being slightly lighter, but a few layers and you can make it as bold as you like! They blend really well and go on very easily. After trying these I definitely want to pick up more of their eyeshadows especially single ones to give them a try!

The highlighter and blush are quite pigmented also and very pretty. The highlighter gives you a lovely little glow to where ever you feel you need it. There is glitter particles in it so the only thing I would say about applying it is just to be careful if you don't like the glitter look! The blush is a lovely light coral and is very flattering on. What I like about this blush is that it's not too in your face, it just adds a little bit of colour to the cheeks which is nice for when you don't want to go crazy with blush.

The lipglosses out of all the products featured in this box are probably something I won't get much use out of just simply because I'm not really a fan of lipglosses. However if you do like glosses I'm sure these would be lovely layered on top of a lipstick colour just to finish off your makeup look.

This was a limited edition set for over Christmas so I'm not entirely sure if it's still available but if you do come across it, it's definitely a handy little set to have in your collection and for only €8.99 it's quite a bargain.

Have you tried any Makeup Boxes by Essence?