One of my Blog Resolutions this year is to get better at photography, as I find pictures can really make or break a post. Take the likes of Bloglovin the first preview of a blogpost you see is the picture and if it's dark and all fussy or out of focus you're more than likely to skip that post and not read it right!? I've been trying a few new things since the start of this year when it comes to my photography and for the first time since starting this blog I can say I actually like it at this very moment. However that doesn't mean I'm not going to try and improve it even more! Since my last post about helping bloggers with blogpost ideas (you can find here) was such a success I thought I'd write down some of the things that have been working for me recently. I'm in no way a wiz at this stuff, I just want to tell you what's been working for me incase anyone else is struggling!

♡ Get Rid Of The Flash
I know crazy right? I had read this so much over and over again from different bloggers and I thought they were mad! Get rid of the flash?! The thing that helps make the photos bright!? 
Yes! turn it off and don't use it! Natural Light is your new best friend seriously! All my photos since the start of this year have been taken without a flash and the difference is just crazy! The photo below shows an example of my photography last year using a flash constantly and this year only using natural lighting.

♡ Work Near A Window
So like I said you've ditched your flash, but now how is the light coming in your window going to give you the best possible lighting to where you take photos? When taking photos I'd recommend working as close to a window as you can as thats where the best possible lighting is going to be! I used to take my photos on my dressing table and even though it's close to my window the pictures still just weren't looking how I wanted them too. So this year I've moved as close to my window as I possibly could. Which brings me onto my next heading..

♡ You Don't Need Fancy Worktops 
When I first started blogging I thought you needed the best of everything! Nice countertops to take pictures of the latest releases etc. I was constantly looking at the popular blogs thinking why couldn't my photos look like that with a sleek white background and amazingly lit products. Back in the 'Work Near A Window' section I had said I moved as close as I possibly could to my window. I now take my pictures on my bed which is right in front of the window! The white background you see in the background of my photos is a white hand towel that has never been used. You really don't need fancy worktops for photos! You can use things such as wallpaper samples, scarfs, white cardboard or in my case a hand towel. The list is endless! 

♡ You Don't Need A Fancy Camera To Take Good Photos
I think what puts many people off blogging is they get it into their heads that they need a big fancy well known branded camera to be able to take photos, which really is not true! You can take photos on anything it all just comes down to the lighting! For my blog photos I do use a Canon because it's there for me to use but the same results could be easily done using a phone. Below is a picture I took with my iPhone 6 plus and beside it the exact same photo only I took it with my canon. With a tweak of editing photos on your phone you could still get bright and clear results!

♡ Don't Over Edit Photos
You don't need photoshop to edit your photos as there are great online websites such as Picmonkey that allow you to do it all for free and it's pretty simple to use. I use Macromedia Fireworks because I've been using it since I was about 13 and so I know how to work it. When it comes to editing photos don't go too crazy, a simple little touch up of the brightness and contrast should do the photo just fine. You could also just allow the editing programme to do it for you by allowing it to fix the auto levels itself!

I hope this post may have helped you a little or you even just enjoyed reading it! Don't forget you can catch up with my other 'blog help' post here ft. some blog post ideas!