Sometimes I'm not the most organised when it comes to blog posts. Sometimes I can have about 13 wrote and ready to post and other days the post that goes live is one I've just spent my morning doing. It just depends what works for me as sometimes I find I can't put a sentence together and others I can't stop typing.
Other times I find I can't think of any ideas for a new Blogpost without going out and buying the latest beauty release so you have something to talk about, and lets be real most of the time thats not a very realistic thing to do. Over the past few weeks I've been jotting down absolutely any idea that comes into my mind no matter if I feel I will use them or not. So today I thought I'd share some incase anyone like me sometimes get stuck when it comes to thinking of some new ideas!

A Brand Focus
You could make this as big or as small of a series on your blog. Focusing on different brands you could talk about the products you own from that brand and talk about which ones you loved and ones you didn't think much of.

What's In Your Makeup Bag
These are one of my favourites posts to read. You can show the products that are your makeup bag staples and what your opinion is on them. Along with what's in your everyday makeup bag you can mix it up showing what products would be in it for a no makeup, makeup day or for when maybe you're going out for a night on the town or to an event. It's a great way to share your favourite products along with maybe allowing readers to discover a product or a brand that they want to try out.

My Week In Pictures
I really like these posts, especially on a lazy Sunday. If you enjoy taking photos throughout your week why not share some of your favourites at the end of the week to allow people have a little nosey into your everyday life. You could even do a roundup of the Instagram pictures you've posted that week.

Holy Grail Products
I have yet to do a post about this but why not do a round up of the beauty or skincare products you cannot live without! We all love discovering new products and again this may allow people to do just that! Also personally when something is your favourite product I find it really easy to write about, so hopefully you wouldn't get stuck trying to write it!

♡ Shopping Haul 
Have you been shopping recently? Show your recently purchased items and then cry because you've broken your January spending ban!

Product Dupes
Have you found a dupe? a product thats very similar to perhaps a more expensive one? Blog about it! Theres nothing more we all love than a good dupe especially when you're saving some pennies.

Definitely an easy post to do, feature some products you are lusting for and where you can get them from!

Most Used Makeup Brushes
Do you use brushes for something different than what they're designed for? Share it! Show your most used brushes and say what you use them for, what kind of finish they help give and what products work best with them!

4 Products You Couldn't Live Without
Kind of like a holy grail post only with fewer products. This post really makes you think of what products you use on a daily basis and if you didn't have them to use would you find it harder to do your makeup or look after your skin? Or whatever it is related to.

 Favourite Fragrances
What are your favourite perfumes at the moment or of all time? Do you love a fruity or floral fragrance. Do you collect perfumes, do you display them or keep them hidden away. The list is endless!

Whats In My Bag
Another post I love to read as I'm nosey! Show the contents of your bag without cleaning it out before meaning even the few pennies and crumpled up receipts at the bottom of your bag!

Whats My Face Worth
Show the products you use as part of your everyday makeup routine and add up the prices of everything to see how much money it is. It's quite shocking really but fun to see, until later you feel like you can't breathe because woah...thats a lot of money for something you wipe off your face after a couple of hours!

Nails Of The Week
What nail polish or nail art design are you rocking this week? If you done the nail art yourself can you show us a easy tutorial in pictures of how to do it?

Makeup Look Under A Certain Budget
Set an amount eg 10€ or 20€ and try to stay within the budget and come up with a makeup look. Everybody loves a good product find especially if it's cheap!

♡ Disappointing Products
You know that drawer, the one that holds all the products you've bought used once and then left it because you didn't get along?! Blog about it!

Something I want to do more of this year! Going out somewhere? Are you dressed up fancy or casual? Basically are you wearing something else that are not pyjamas? Show us your style!

Save up all the products you've used up and show them. Another great post to discover new products! Will you buy these products again or are you glad you've finally finished them?

Skincare Routine
Show the products you use in the morning/at night. Why do you use them, how do they leave your skin feeling?Are they suitable for all skin types? What price are they and would you recommend them?

Subscription Boxes
Are you subscribed to a subscription box? Show the products you got in it and give your first impressions on them.

Beauty Secrets
Have you found something that makes a difference to your makeup look? Do you use a product for something else rather than what it's made for? Share your secrets..your beauty ones of course!

Websites That Help Me Blog
What websites do you use to share your blog posts? What websites do you use to help keep track of all your social media etc. Share them as they might help others

Hairstyles I've Been Loving
Are you creative when it comes to hair, even if you're not, show what way you've been styling your hair recently and what looks you've been rocking!

I hope some of these helped and maybe gave you some ideas! If you can think of some more do share them in the comments.

Until next time.. (: