Origins have been a brand I've forever heard such great reviews about which in return have made me want to try out some of their products for so long, so when I received a set of 3 as a gift I was so happy. I've been using these since I got them and have really fallen in love with them all and now can see why there's such a big hype about them!

Clear Improvement Clay Mask: This mask is absolutely great for when your skin is being bold and breaking out left right and center. Even if it's not left, right and center but still a few little breakouts or ones you can feel are coming on and are waiting to pop up and say hello, this is the product you need to annoy those pesky little buggers! The charcoal acts almost like a magnet sucking any little spots or impurities ready to pop up away, like poof gone! To use this mask you simply wipe over your face with a warm cloth to open up your pores, apply the mask and leave on till it dries. Normally I leave mine on for 15-20 minutes and then rinse it off. I'm not one to suffer a lot with spots thankfully but sometimes my skin decides to hate me and especially after eating so much junk during Christmas. This mask however is amazing and definitely helped my skin go back to normal. Now whenever I feel anything is about to appear on my face that I don't want I'll use this knowing it will keep impurities away. It also leaves your skin feeling so amazingly soft after using!

Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask: 'An overnight mask to quench skin's thirst'. Honestly that would just make me pick up a product! This was definitely the one I was most excited to try. A facemask that you can sleep in... and don't have to wash off, dreams can come true! You can use this twice a week or as much as you want and I must say I adore it. If you feel like your skin is maybe becoming dry because of the cold weather or it just needs a pick me up, this is the product to slap all over it!! After putting this on at night and waking up the next morning my skin is not only oh so soft but it has such a glow it's amazing! It also smells like fromage frais in my opinion but it's not overpowering which is a nice little scent. The product is a thick cream so it does take a good while for it to fully absorb into the skin so you know it's just doing so much good for your skin during the hours you're sleeping

Out Of Trouble 10 Minute Mask: This is a perfect mask for when you're going out somewhere and notice your skin has decided to well... not co-operate in the way you would have liked it too. You pop this on for 10 minutes and remove it with a damp cloth and it really just takes any irritation or redness away. I'm currently sitting here with it on my chin area as I type this! The only thing I don't like about this mask is the scent but other than that it is great. It is probably my most un-used one out of all three but it's a real life saver when you need something that will work in a couple of minutes!

I will definitely re-purchasing these in full size when I do use them up as they are amazing. The full size tubes are normally around the €30 mark which yes is expensive for one product but honestly when they do their job and do it well, it's worth it! Let me know if there are any other Origins products you'd recommend trying out!
Have you tried any of the masks mentioned above?