I know that Christmas had been and gone, so this is a little late but I wanted to do a 'What Sheldon got for Christmas' post because..well because he's bloody adorable and I had these pictures and I didn't want them to go to waste!
If by now you don't know I have a Guinea Pig called Sheldon (yes I'm a fan of The Big Bang Theory but who isnt?!). My parents bought him for me back in April and I just adore him. It's also his 1st birthday on the 28th of January so I'm sure I'll have a little post go live dedicated to him.

Anyways as I got him back in April this was his first Christmas and honestly he was not bothered about it at all. I surrounded him with his presents all neatly on the sofa and he was too busy looking for food to even care. Even after opening them he showed no interest. Although I'm not exactly sure how I expected him to act he is a Guinea Pig after all.

His main gift was his little red bed. He already had a blue one but I wasn't entirely happy with it, so as soon as I seen this little one it went straight into my basket. It looks so comfy and feels so soft! He absolutely adores relaxing in it especially when someone is rubbing him.
Along with that he got a football chew chain for his cage and two little stockings full of so called 'yummy treats' for Guinea Pigs but he didn't enjoy them at all. Other things in the stocking's were things to chew on and even a little tug of war rope, which he really likes playing...well when he's not being lazy. I also picked up a bag of Guinea Pig Forage for him and honestly I thought he would hate it because he is so fussy but surprisingly he loves it and I do wish I had picked up more!

My best friend got him two gifts because everybody now knows that we are a package deal and if its an occasion where you buy me gifts you have to get him something too! The first thing she got for him was a little santa hat and scarf so he could look all festive which you can see in the photo above. How adorable is he wearing them!?!
Finally she got him/me it was a gift for both of us a 'Baby Guinea Pig Pal' and the note on the gift when it was wrapped was ' so Sheldon can act out the John Lewis advert!' I named him Cooper (how did you not see that coming?) and Sheldon isn't a fan of him because he thinks he has to share things with him. So he now just sits on top of Sheldons cage where he doesn't bother him!

Have you any pets?