Mac Wishlist ♥

Mac have recently launched so many gorgeous products with the most beautiful packaging I have ever seen so I thought I'd put a little wishlist together of the things I have my eye on that hopefully I can treat myself to soon. As always I have linked the products below incase you see something …

November Favourites ♥

This month I feel like I've tried a lot of different products and although some were a disappointment others thankfully were great! I think that everything I mention in this months favourites are all new and where bought either the end of October or this month at some stage so I've never mentioned them in a favourites before which is exciting.

Witch Gentle Exfoliating Face Wash, Make Your Scalp Yelp shampoo and Soap Opera.
I won't say much about these because during the middle of the month I ended up doing a blogpost just about these three gems because I adore them so much. So if you're interested in reading a little more about my thoughts on these products you can click here.
The face wash is a great gentle exfoliator for the face and helps get rid of any dryness or oiliness of the skin.
Make Your Scalp Yelp shampoo literally makes your scalp talk it feels great if you suffer from a dry/tight scalp especially coming into the colder months.
Soap Opera smells amazing and is just one of those products that I know I will forever buy. If Soap and Glory shower gels are out of your price range definitely look into this.

Pink Gold Maybelline Colour Tattoo and Naked 3.
After seeing somebody write a blogpost about this I went straight to Boots the next day in hopes I'd be able to get my hands on it and I'm so glad I was able too. I literally adore the colour it is absolutely gorgeous. Sometimes if I'm feeling lazy I'll just wear it on it's own and smoke it out a little, or if I'm feeling like I want to put a bit more effort into my eye makeup I'll pair it with some shades from Naked 3.
I've had the Naked 3 palette since it came out (this is the only product that wasn't bought in the past 2 months so yeah this is old) because of the packaging and rose hued tones I knew I had to get it straight away, however after getting it I simply just left it in my drawer and never really used it. After getting the colour tattoo I decided to why not take this out to pair it with as the colours are all such a perfect combination. So I have been wearing pink a lot this month on my eyes because I just love the result. Before applying the Colour Tattoo I apply 'Limit' to my crease with a fluffy brush just to help give the colour tattoo a bit more dimension to it. Then the colour tattoo goes on top and all over the lid. Blending 'Nooner' into my crease and then finally 'Blackheart' on the outer v of my eye. A mix of 'Blackheart' and 'Nooner' is then apply under my eye just to finish off the look. I find that blending both the colours under the eye just makes it look not as harsh.

Albums I've Been Loving ♥

Music is a big part of my life, I am forever listening to some sort of music so when recently two of my favourite artists released their new albums I was so excited to finally have some new songs to listen to and maybe hope for a world tour from both of them. (I live for concerts, I wrote a little…

Skincare For Days When Your Skin Hates You ♥

Recently my skin went crazy and I was breaking out in so many spots and had dry patches and it just went a bit mad. I'm putting it down to junk food though due to Halloween not being so long ago and going a tad overboard with the sugar. Thankfully now it's all back to normal and so I decided to show you the products I used to help calm the mentalness of it all.

Oops There Goes My Bank Account ♥

Let's be honest, we all love picking up new beauty products to try out and shopping to do exactly that puts a smile on your face until you come home and check your bank balance. Heres some of the things I picked up last week. Yes I said some because other things I bought aren't that interesting.

Starting from what I ordered from Superdrug, which I don't have here but my best friend who lives in Northern Ireland came to visit me last week so she brought them down for me.
Colab dry shampoo in Paris, New York and London. I bought these when they were on special price so I got both the 200ml bottles for only £2.32 each and the 50ml bottle for £1.32. I've been wanting to try these since Ruth launched them and once I seen they were on special I knew I had to order them to try!
I also picked up the Palmers Strong Roots spray as it's supposed to moisturise your hair as scalp aswell as soothing tightness and itch. I've said in a post that when it gets to this time of the year my scalp gets very tight and uncomfortable so I decided to give this a try and see does it help. This was only £3.49.

Boots were doing a 3 for 2 deal so I decided to finally buy the Real Techniques powder brush because I was in desperate need of it. I also picked up the shading brush and lash/brow groomer. I did want to get the setting brush but sadly it was out of stock. I will definitely pick it up the next time I see it for sure! The powder brush was €16.99, shading brush €10.49 and lash/brow groomer €10.29 which was the one I got free. Gotta love when Boots are doing 3 for 2 ey?

My Week Through My iPhone ♥

So we well I put up the christmas decorations this week which took all of 2 days, I don't know if it's just me but I hate putting up the tree it's so scratchy and just takes hours to do. The above photo is Sheldon sitting down and looking at the tree (says my mother). I wore a subtle …

Made With Love Designs Christmas Cards ♥

So whether you like it or not it is that time of the year again. You know that time where shops and houses are lit up with colourful lights and decorations, certain kinds of trees are well everywhere! and cards come through your letterbox on a Saturday morning and you just know that the postman is hating life because he has to work on a Saturday. Yes it's getting close to Christmas time. Other than buying gifts and wrapping presents, christmas cards are my favourite thing to pick up and spend time writing them out all neat and tidy and posting them to family members and friends.

3 Recent Buys I've Been Loving ♥

Don't you just love when you buy a product and use it and it turns out to be great! I will admit I'm guilty of sometimes buying stuff and not actually using them and they just get thrown to the back of my drawer to be forgotten about, however for these 3 items it was not the case!

My Everyday Makeup Brushes ♥

I promise that someday when I want to feature my makeup brushes I use on this blog again they will be clean but today is not that day because I've just used them. So when I was thinking about what posts to write I realised that I've shown you which products I use for my everyday makeup as well as my night and no makeup days and decided why not show you the brushes I use to apply all of the products to my face!

So lets start with the base because well thats where you gotta start! Obviously I'll apply my primer with my fingers but after that I use
Bare Minerals max coverage concealer brush to apply my green neutralizer and blend it out.
Zoeva 142 concealer buffer to apply my concealer and blend that.
To apply my foundation I use the Real Techniques stippling brush, I haven't looked back since using this brush it works the product into your face flawlessly and just gives you such a perfect application. If you haven't tried this yet go get it honestly I have yet to find one I prefer over this one.
Zoeva 106 powder I've said before that this isn't exactly my favourite kind of powder brush but it's the only one I use due to it being the only 'powder' brush I have. I know you can use any brushes for anything you want but all of the ones I have are for certain things and none of them are powder. Someone please make me go out and buy the Real Techniques powder brush because I need it!

Beauty Products I Want To Try ♥

Say yes to cucumber wipes: Okay so I had made this little collage before I had bought these wipes, however I haven't used them enough yet to give my opinion on them. I've not heard much of the 'Yes To' range but slowly seen them start popping up on the Boots website or on twitter, and because their natural I really want to give them a try. I'm not a huge fan of cucumber or any vegetable so I'm not sure I'll like the scent but I do want to see if they are just like every other face wipe or will they leave my skin feeling nice.

No.7 Instant radiance highlighter: I actually seen a blogpost on this product I forget who's blog it was on sorry but I adored their review and the swatches of them wearing it and it just looked so gorgeous on the skin. I haven't tried anything from the No.7 range yet which is surprising because I swear everytime I go into Boots I'm given at least 2/3 different vouchers for so much money off the products.

Bourjois healthy mix foundation: I have heard so many amazing things about this foundation and I need it right now. The only thing stopping me right now is having to try and colour match myself while wearing makeup in Boots. I've also seen so many people wear this and it just gives such a flawless glow to the skin and I'm more than likely going to spend my advantage card points on this product.

Kawaii Box Giveaway ♥

So after falling in love with Kawaii Box read my review of this months Kawaii Box here they were kind enough to give one of you lucky lot a chance to win Decembers box!  If I were you I definitely wouldn't miss out on a chance to win this adorable box filled with lots of cuteness.

The €1.20 Lipsticks ♥

Makeup Revolution has taken over since it's launched with great quality cosmetics at amazing prices. It's probably only within the last year that I've actually got into wearing lipsticks all the time. I used to own the odd red one but would only wear it for special occasions and leave my lips bare every other day. Since being interested in lipsticks my collection is growing.

November Kawaii Box ♥

When this months Kawaii Box* came through my door on Thursday I was so excited to open it straight away to see what adorable items were hidden inside. 
"Kawaii Box is the cutest monthly subscription service. Subscribe Now and receive a box filled with hand-picked kawaii items from Japan and Korea directly to your home every month. Your box will be shipped in the beginning of each month and the shipping is absolutely free, anywhere on the planet! Each box includes 10-12 cute, original and licensed kawaii items."
I ran straight into my kitchen to grab a pair of scissors to snap open the cellotape and this is what I saw inside..

A Chat, A Thank You & An Early Christmas Gift ♥

Today is such a miserable day, I had plans to go and do a little christmas gift shopping but it definitely won't be happening now. Normally as soon as I wake up I catch up on blog posts and then check my own and reply to comments etc. However today I didn't do that as I just went straight downstairs to see what post I got (it's adorable, I died from cuteness and their will be a post about it soon).  So obviously today is in no way going to be a productive day even though my room looks like a bomb has struck it and I definitely need to clean I just could not be bothered. The bad weather automatically makes me lazy and right now as I'm writing this I'm listening to Taylor Swifts new album 1989 while sitting on my bed next to the radiator which is currently on and the heat is just making me feel so relaxed. Basically it's a perfect day for a pamper evening but I'm even too lazy to do that, I definitely need an energy boost. 
Moving on from me being lazy, today when I went onto Bloglovin it informed me that my blog

Apocalips ♥

One thing I have learnt about the Apocalips line by Rimmel is that people either love them or hate them. Personally I really like them.

Schwarzkopf Beach Matt Spray ♥

It's taken me 4 months to realise I have yet to even mention any hair products or styles on this blog and you think with being a Hairdresser that would be all thats on my mind, clearly not aha.

Having shoulder length hair, sometimes I used to get annoyed that I couldn't achieve those gorgeous loose messy beach waves as easily as someone with longer hair. I have the patience to do somebody elses hair, like I have no problem spending hours doing it when its for somebody else but when it comes to my own...I literally only want to spend about 5-6 minutes on it, if even that long. Of course I want it to look presentable but I just don't have patience to be spending 30 minutes doing something to my hair. When I got the got2b Beach Matt salt spray not going to lie I threw it to one side and didn't bother to use it. Then early last month I re-discovered it thrown into a drawer and decided to try it out.

Concerts ♥

So I've decided that on Sundays I want to start posting lifestyle kind of posts where it will be about anything I feel like writing about or just chatty posts just because I know sometimes beauty post after beauty post may become a tad bit boring, so lets get on with it! 

Since I was young (and I'm talking my first concert when I was 4 years old rocking out to The Spice Girls) concerts have always been a huge part of my life. Of course starting when I was young meant dragging my parents along but I was lucky in terms that they like all the same music I do, now well I don't go with my parents although the odd time when a music act comes that none of my friends like I do drag my mum along. I've been to a lot throughout the years and have so many happy memories from them as for those 2 hours of your life you can forget any problems or worries you may be having and totally just enjoy yourself.

My Favourite Foundations ♥

I've never ventured out and spent more than €11 on a foundation, not because I don't want to spend more trust me I'd have a box of Nars and Mac foundations but because I haven't been colour matched buying online is just to chancey (is that a word?). However I do plan on trying to get matched for both before Christmas this year so I can finally try them out. However I do swear by these three!

Zoella Beauty ♥

Watching Youtubers has always been something I've done since I was in my young teens, whether it be beauty gurus, comedy sketches, music parodies etc, so seeing the youtubers I've watched bring out their own products or books makes me feel proud. Of course I'm sure by now you know who the lovely Zoella is and if not then have you been living under a rock?

When Zoe released her products I knew I had to get some/most of the products to try out. This was my first time ordering something online without smelling any of the products so it was going to be a hit or miss. I adore the packaging of everything it is absolutely adorable and so cute that you just cannot hide it away in a drawer.

A Little Spree ♥

I know in yesterdays post I said I haven't spent money in a while but I meant makeup related products, I have picked up/ordered a few things last week that I needed/wanted to try.

Witch Gentle Exfoliating Face Wash €5.09: After trying their 'Blemish Stick' and being so impressed with it (you can read post about it here) I decided to pick this up while in Tescos. My skin has started to become dry especially around my nose area and above my lip and it looks dreadful when I have makeup on so Im hoping this will help out.
Yes To Cucumbers Facial Wipes €4.75: I'm not one for face wipes due to having dry patches of skin etc I feel like wipes just irritate the hell out of them and make them much worse, however I picked these up for two reasons. 1. being my best friend is coming to visit me during the weekend and she loves face wipes so I decided to pick up a pack so she can use them to remove her makeup while here. 2. I did actually want to try these out because they are 95% natural. I have used 2 so far and they smell so fresh, and they do a really good job at removing all your makeup. However I have used a cleanser and toner after them just so my skin won't get irritated.

Beauty Products I've Yet To Try ♥

So I'm sure I'm not the only one who buys/receives products and even though you were so excited to get your hands on them apart from a quick swatch of them for a blogpost you have yet to actually try them on your face. While tidying my makeup collection I've realised that a few of the things I've gotten in the past 2 months I've still yet to actually use.

Makeup Revolution Wishlist ♥

You all know by now how much love I have for Makeup Revolution, so I've put together a little wishlist of all the products that I want to try out. I've added links incase you see something you like, enjoy!  Serpent Lipstick | Brow Pencil | Inner Eye Brightener | Eyeliner | Liquid Blush | P…

In Love With Rose Gold ♥

Normally on the first of every month I would post my favourites but honestly I don't feel like theres anything that stood out to me and most of the month was makeup free so there wasn't many/any products to stand out for me. However when I did wear makeup I started to pair these two products together.

W7 Night Glow Highlight and Illuminate €5.10 Benefit Rockateur Blush €34.00