So I'm sure I'm not the only one who buys/receives products and even though you were so excited to get your hands on them apart from a quick swatch of them for a blogpost you have yet to actually try them on your face. While tidying my makeup collection I've realised that a few of the things I've gotten in the past 2 months I've still yet to actually use.

Sleek iDivine Original Eyeshadow Palette: My local Boots doesn't stock Sleek sadly so when I seen this palette in a local pharmacy I just grabbed it, I probably paid double the price of what it's actually worth but because I couldn't get it in Boots I just had to pick it up. The colours are all gorgeous but I just have yet to actually pick it up and use it, I don't even think I've swatched it yet.
Essence Hello Autumn in 01 Walk In The Park: When I seen the Autumn collection of Essence products I knew I wanted to pick up something from the range to try and yet I have yet to touch this palette.
W7 Angel Eyes: I received this as part of a prize package and the colours are great for neutral eyes but again I just have yet to actually try it. I think my problem is I just stick with what I know and so my typical makeup stays the same for a long time.
W7 The Honey Queen Blush: Again this was part of the prize package but again I've just been sticking to what I know and I actually really like the look of this blush and think it would look gorgeous on the skin.

Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot: Something I actually did pay double the price for because customs loves ruining my happiness, when I seen this start to pop up I was straight online to order one for myself as I didn't want to wait till christmas incase you couldn't get your hands on it. Another reason why I wanted to get it was I wanted to try Hoola out and see what was the big craze about it and this was the same price as just getting Hoola on it's own so I thought why not and this way I'd get more blushes to try. I've tried Hoola out once since getting this and haven't touched any of the blushes or highlighter. Why? I really don't know.
Apocalips in 300 Out Of This World & 501 Stellar: I love the Apocalips formulas I think they're great. They have great pigmentation and they're long lasting. However I didn't realise how many of these I actually owned and found these two at the bottom of my drawer. The colours are gorgeous, however they aren't exactly the kind of colours I wear at this time of the year as they're more a spring/summer kind of colour.

Essence Hello Autumn Multi Colour Powder: Again something I picked from the Autumn range, what made me pick this up was the leaf design on the actual product. However I'm not going to lie I don't even know what this is, they say it's a face powder but do I use it like a bronzer or face powder? It's very shimmery and very light in colour so it really confuses me not going to lie.
Bourjois Bronzing Powder and Highlighter: When my local boots started stocking Bourjois I almost screamed because I wanted to get my hands on this product so badly. Yet again I've yet to actually wear this product, I have swatched it but thats about as far as using it I've done.
I have been good these past few weeks and haven't went near Boots so I haven't bought any beauty products recently, but I have challenged myself to do a full face of makeup and start using the products mentioned above.

Have you any products you've bought and have yet to actually use?