Watching Youtubers has always been something I've done since I was in my young teens, whether it be beauty gurus, comedy sketches, music parodies etc, so seeing the youtubers I've watched bring out their own products or books makes me feel proud. Of course I'm sure by now you know who the lovely Zoella is and if not then have you been living under a rock?

When Zoe released her products I knew I had to get some/most of the products to try out. This was my first time ordering something online without smelling any of the products so it was going to be a hit or miss. I adore the packaging of everything it is absolutely adorable and so cute that you just cannot hide it away in a drawer.

The perfume bottle is adorable and looks so cute displayed on my vanity. I'm not too keen on the scent, as I normally go for much sweeter floral scents. Due to this being a body mist it does wear off quite quickly and the one time I did wear it I could no longer smell it after about 2 hours. However do pop into a Superdrug to give it a sniff as it may be a scent you like, and it's not very hard to just spray it onto yourself throughout the day. €12.35/£8.00

When the candle arrived I was surprised by how small it was comparison to a normal candle in a tin. Again though this looks adorable on display and I have been lighting it at night time because its the time of year to light candles and be all cosy! I wouldn't say the scent is over-powering or even existing to be honest. You can smell it if you're near it but other than that I can't smell it around my room when it's lighting. €6.50/£5.00

The Soak Opera is probably my favourite product, I don't have a bath so I use this as shower gel and I have to say I love it. The scent is really fresh and you get a lot in the bottle for the price so you know it will last for ages. I really like how this product is a two way use because I do know it does create a lot of bubbles if you do run it in a bath. When I do run out of this product I definitely will be re-purchasing it. €6.50/£5.00

Finally the makeup bag. You've already seen this feature in a few blog posts and I absolutely adore it. Being obsessed with guinea pigs and of course my little Sheldon as soon as I seen this makeup bag I didn't have to second think about adding it to my basket. It's such a great size and you can fit alot in it which is amazing as I hate when you cant fit palettes into makeup bags and end up having to carry them separately. €10.40/£8.00 

Have you tried any of the Zoella beauty products?