Today is such a miserable day, I had plans to go and do a little christmas gift shopping but it definitely won't be happening now. Normally as soon as I wake up I catch up on blog posts and then check my own and reply to comments etc. However today I didn't do that as I just went straight downstairs to see what post I got (it's adorable, I died from cuteness and their will be a post about it soon).  So obviously today is in no way going to be a productive day even though my room looks like a bomb has struck it and I definitely need to clean I just could not be bothered. The bad weather automatically makes me lazy and right now as I'm writing this I'm listening to Taylor Swifts new album 1989 while sitting on my bed next to the radiator which is currently on and the heat is just making me feel so relaxed. Basically it's a perfect day for a pamper evening but I'm even too lazy to do that, I definitely need an energy boost. 
Moving on from me being lazy, today when I went onto Bloglovin it informed me that my blog
reached 700 followers. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I've been enjoying blogging so much and when I see people have taken time out of their day to read a post I've wrote and comment it just makes me so happy. I also posted my 100th post yesterday which was such an awesome feeling. There will be a giveaway up next week so make sure you keep an eye out for it and yes it will be international!
So on top of the excitement of posting my 100th blog post and reaching 700 followers  on Tuesday something exciting happened for me. When it comes to Christmas presents from my parents I always get them early unless their a surprise and I don't know about them. Anyways on Tuesday morning I was called down to the kitchen by my dad saying 'mam wants to have a talk with you'. Now is it just me or does anyone else have a heart attack when that's said to you because you're trying to think about if you've done anything wrong or something. However (I didn't by the way) I was told that my parents wanted to buy me the new iPhone 6 plus I wanted and they didn't (well my dad didn't my mum did) want to surprise me with it incase I didn't want it. (Also before I go any further please note I am in no way bragging about this and I am so grateful for the gift). I normally get the iPhone that comes out every 2 years ( I had the iPhone 5 the past 2 years, making the 6 the one to get but I wanted the plus because personal preference) I don't know why it just seems to be the ones I'm interested in. I have been getting them since the very first one was released and I did try to change to a Blackberry and a Nokia smartphone I have no clue what model but I always went back to these phones because even though they are an absolutely ridiculous price I do adore them. So of course when my parents said that they had put their name down on the last gold one the shop had I jumped up and down with joy literally! Then I was told it was going to be wrapped and given to me on christmas day and obviously I couldn't wait that long so after begging for 10 seconds and then running up the stairs screaming and going to get changed so we could collect it, I got to keep it.

There will be a beauty post up this evening, again big Thank You for following ♥