Makeup Revolution has taken over since it's launched with great quality cosmetics at amazing prices. It's probably only within the last year that I've actually got into wearing lipsticks all the time. I used to own the odd red one but would only wear it for special occasions and leave my lips bare every other day. Since being interested in lipsticks my collection is growing.
Makeup Revolution have a range of Lipsticks that only cost £1/€1.20. Ranging from crazy yellows and blues to gorgeous reds and berry colours, trust me you can name any colour you'd want and they more than likely have it in their range. What I adore about these lipsticks is how pigmented and creamy they are, when something is so cheap lets be honest you never have great expectations for it but these are amazing.
I have picked up 8 from their range so far but of course I have a list of their products wrote down that I want to purchase. Obviously I don't wear the Immoral or Felony shade, I just bought these because, well because their only €1.20 and they are great for when you're going to a fancy dress or costume party. The packaging on these lipsticks are great because of the little compartment on top with some product in it so it's easy to see which colour you're choosing and so you don't have to put your lipsticks upside down in their little holder to read what they are. I have to say the amount of compliments I have gotten when wearing one of their lipsticks and people are always questioning who they're by. They also have some great dupes of the likes of Mac and Too Faced products.
I have been loving wearing Rebel With Cause and 100% Vamp as I think they are just perfect for this time of the year. For the price of the lipsticks obviously don't expect them to last all day as they do fade but I was quite surprised with the staying power and sure a little touch up of lipstick never hurt no-one! These are definitely worth giving a try as they are amazing products for such an amazing price. You can purchase them on the Makeup Revolution website or from Superdrug. Is it bad that I only bought that little lipstick holder because it could fit all my makeup rev lipsticks and so I removed them from my bigger case so it looks like I have more room even though I'm just kidding myself?

Have you tried any Makeup Revolution products yet?