So I've decided that on Sundays I want to start posting lifestyle kind of posts where it will be about anything I feel like writing about or just chatty posts just because I know sometimes beauty post after beauty post may become a tad bit boring, so lets get on with it! 

Since I was young (and I'm talking my first concert when I was 4 years old rocking out to The Spice Girls) concerts have always been a huge part of my life. Of course starting when I was young meant dragging my parents along but I was lucky in terms that they like all the same music I do, now well I don't go with my parents although the odd time when a music act comes that none of my friends like I do drag my mum along. I've been to a lot throughout the years and have so many happy memories from them as for those 2 hours of your life you can forget any problems or worries you may be having and totally just enjoy yourself.
Stressful thing about them? Getting the actual tickets. I swear the amount of mini heart attacks I get while waiting for the clock to hit 9am to try and grab a pair of tickets, and then to be disappointed because they sold out in 0.2 seconds or your internet decides to mess up or your computer decides to freeze. Or the most recent problem that is becoming a habit, I never have enough money in my bank so I use my dads account and he forgets his password.every.single.time causing me to freak out every.single.time.
I was never the person to stand watching the concert through a camera either constantly taking photos or videoing the concert as when I was younger my dad was left to do that for me, but now days I barely take any photos as I'm too busy enjoying myself (while maybe having a cheeky alcoholic beverage too). However something that annoys me and I've noticed it happen in the last 2/3 concerts I've been at, people who spend €70-€80 on a concert ticket and for the whole show sit on their seat TEXTING.ALL NIGHT LONG. MISSING THE ENTIRE SHOW. WHY? Literally when I went to see Miley Cyrus the girl that was on front of me legit lay down on the seats beside her texting all night long and didn't look up once. Them tickets were expensive like, so why would you waste that money to sit and text like you can do that anywhere for free. 
Getting off that topic because I really just don't understand it, I've been going to concerts for 16 years straight and so I've seen a lot of people that I liked and some that have even split up by now. Sadly I have none left this year for November or December (although I am wanting to go to Enrique Iglesias because Demi Lovato is opening for him, but that will be a last minute decision if I go to that). So far I only have 3 planned for next year and I'm sure that number is going to grow because everyone seems to be announcing tour dates at the minute. I do adore saving all my tickets and sticking them up on my wall as like I said they're always good memories.

Do you enjoy going to concerts?