Let's be honest, we all love picking up new beauty products to try out and shopping to do exactly that puts a smile on your face until you come home and check your bank balance. Heres some of the things I picked up last week. Yes I said some because other things I bought aren't that interesting.

Starting from what I ordered from Superdrug, which I don't have here but my best friend who lives in Northern Ireland came to visit me last week so she brought them down for me.
Colab dry shampoo in Paris, New York and London. I bought these when they were on special price so I got both the 200ml bottles for only £2.32 each and the 50ml bottle for £1.32. I've been wanting to try these since Ruth launched them and once I seen they were on special I knew I had to order them to try!
I also picked up the Palmers Strong Roots spray as it's supposed to moisturise your hair as scalp aswell as soothing tightness and itch. I've said in a post that when it gets to this time of the year my scalp gets very tight and uncomfortable so I decided to give this a try and see does it help. This was only £3.49.

Boots were doing a 3 for 2 deal so I decided to finally buy the Real Techniques powder brush because I was in desperate need of it. I also picked up the shading brush and lash/brow groomer. I did want to get the setting brush but sadly it was out of stock. I will definitely pick it up the next time I see it for sure! The powder brush was €16.99, shading brush €10.49 and lash/brow groomer €10.29 which was the one I got free. Gotta love when Boots are doing 3 for 2 ey?

Also in the Boots 3 for 2 I decided to pick up some Soap and Glory products as I haven't tried a lot of their makeup range. I picked up the 'Solar Powder' bronzer €15.49 'Glow All Out' highlighter €14 (I got this one free) and 'One Heck Of A Blot' powder €15. I adore the quirky packaging from Soap and Glory and because I love their body products I doubt I'm going to be disappointed with these. I have used them once or twice already but not enough to give you a review yet!

So I don't know about yous but when I go into a shop that sells makeup I come out with swatches all over my hands and arms and never have anything to wipe them off with and so when I seen these mini packets of wipes in Accesorize I just had to get them so I could keep them in my bag so that I won't be walking around town any longer with different colours all over my hands and arms. Both packets were €1.90 each.
I then picked up a set of Primarks own individual lashes, I've said before that I no longer spend crazy money on lashes like I used to because Primarks ones are great! I'd never tried individual lashes before and as you can see from the few missing I've been loving wearing these! This pack was only €1.50.
Back to a product from Boots, Maybelline colour tattoo in 'pink gold'. This product oh my goodness the colour and everything is just gorgeous and I haven't stopped wearing it since I got it. These are €7.49 but I decided to treat myself and get this with my boots points.

How gorgeous is this colour? I even adore the packaging and basically everything about this product. As soon as I seen this I knew I had to pick it up as it was way too pretty to just leave it in the shop. Plus it was only €2.50 (I can't remember the exact price because I threw away the receipt but it was definitely 2 something).

Finally I picked up the first new christmas tree decoration. Yes we normally buy about 10 new ones each year even though our tree is already leaning to one side because of all the decorations. As soon as I seen this unicorn though I couldn't walk away without it, it's truly adorable. It also has a string that hangs from under it that has a star on the bottom and when you pull it she kicks out her legs. I bought this decoration in Accesorize for €7.49.

Have you bought anything nice over the past week?