So we well I put up the christmas decorations this week which took all of 2 days, I don't know if it's just me but I hate putting up the tree it's so scratchy and just takes hours to do. The above photo is Sheldon sitting down and looking at the tree (says my mother).
I wore a subtle pink smokey eye and used my Naked 3 palette that I haven't used in a very long time. Surprisingly I really liked the result and have worn it a few times this week.
My best friend came down to visit me this week and I thought it was funny while out for lunch I got this Diet Coke can handed to me.
I'm obsessed with Guinea Pigs and everything about them and I seen this in the bookshop. Of course I looked through every single page of the book! I didn't buy it though due to it being €10 and I'd probably look at it once and then forget about it.
I bought a unicorn decoration for the tree because it was way too cute to leave it in the shop. It also has a string with a star on the bottom that hangs and when you pull it she kicks out her legs.
I wrapped gifts this week, I finally found the paper I wanted and I was so glad. I had purchased 3 rolls of paper with writing on it because I gave up on looking for the plain brown paper and then when I went into Tescos bam there it was! So I had to buy 3 rolls of that, I'm sure I'll use the other paper at some stage. 
I liked my makeup 2 days this week go me! I used the I heart chocolate palette by Makeup Revolution for this look and paired it with their Rebel With Cause lipstick!

Did you do anything exciting this week?