September Favourites ♥

A Glimpse At My Dresser | Halloween Deco ♥

Just A Little Hello ♥

Since starting this blog I never would have thought it would get 1 follower let alone almost 600! I made this blog for somewhere I could write about things I love and enjoy and have been enjoying every moment of it so far. Really only making this for myself I can't believe people actually take time out of their day to read my posts and even comment on them, it's just so weird but makes me so unbelievably happy!

Makeup Revolution Blushing Hearts ♥

You've heard me talk about Makeup Revolution a lot before simply because the cosmetics are absolutely amazing! I am constantly recommending this brand to everyone even guilty of recommending it to the girl working at a benefit stand last month I honestly cannot get enough of this brand and my collection is quickly growing. I got the Blushing Heart as part of a birthday gift and I have been using it so much since then. It can be used as 3 separate colours or mixed together.

W7 Cosmic Nail Dust Challenge ♥

Nail Polish in Lemon Sorbet *
Nail Dust in Glitz *

When W7 kindly sent me a nail polish and cosmic nail dust duo to try I couldn't wait to paint my nails. I received both products in yellow which definitely is great for a colour pop. 
I also used a W7 crackle polish that I received as a christmas gift about 2 years ago in the colour Mauve.

Brand Focus: Rimmel ♥

My First Mac Purchase ♥

Yes I know what a crime that its 2014, I'm 20 years old and I've only just made my first Mac purchase.

Halloween Inspired Makeup | Halloween Series ♥

It's nearing October which means my favourite time of year!!
Halloween ♥  
Literally there is nothing I love more than this time of year so I've decided to do a Halloween series that will feature makeup looks, baking, diy and much more! So I hope you enjoy them and you get some ideas from the series.  

Zoeva Wishlist ♥

After getting the Zoeva Rose gold brush set I have fallen in love with their brushes and also would love to try out some of their cosmetics, so heres a little wishlist I put together of the products I will hopefully be able to get in the near future. I've left the links for everything incase yo…

Thea Skincare Review ♥

Orange & Chocolate Infused Body Creme *
Fruit & Spice Purifying Body Scrub *

Summer To Autumn Lips With Rimmel ♥

Adding To My Collection ♥

So I went shopping earlier this week to treat myself as I've passed all my exams and I am now a fully qualified Senior Hairstylist * happy dances*, I picked up a few things in Boots, Pennys and Tk Maxx and decided to share them with you's because you all seem to love these kind of posts. 
Clean On Me - Soap and Glory €8.99
(Boots Deal - Buy 1 get second half price) 
I've recently ran out of this product and as much as I loved it spending €8.99 on a shower gel just wasn't something I was planning on doing for awhile. However it does last you absolutely ages and leaves your skin so soft I decided what the hell lets get 2 while they have a deal on, as there was nothing else I wanted to try at the moment from S&G. 

Supercat Liquid Liner Pen | Soap and Glory ♥

I got Supercat as part of my birthday present and was excited to give it a try. (Note: Gel liner is my holy grail and I adore it, however myself and liquid liner are just not friends. Never have been and never will be.) Thinking I hit the jackpot with this product for so many reasons, it quickly replaced my gel liners and I was using it everyday.

Makeup Revolution Lipsticks ♥

Makeup Revolution is becoming one of my favourite affordable brands and I have to say the quality of their cosmetics are amazing. 
I've purchased 6 of their lipsticks so far and decided to share the amazing buys with yous! The lipsticks are so pigmented and for only €1.20 how could you go wrong.

Empties ♥

Last month I finished a few products, some I loved and some not so much. So I thought I'd show you what empty products are heading to the bin.

eBay Wishlist #2 ♥

Halloween Mold | iPhone case | Cotton Bud Holder | Acrylic Storage | Makeup Brushes | Corpse Bride Leggings | Notebook | Halloween Shirt for Sheldon
Starting to get into the Halloween spirit won't lie, may have already started decorating my room for it. Can you tell it's my favourite time of…

Makeup Revolution Purchase ♥

My love for Makeup Revolution is growing and so is my little collection of their products! So last week after having a bit of money left over I decided to treat myself to some more products I wanted to try, and today the DHL delivery man came to my door and handed me my package and I was so excited! 

Makeup Look Under €30 ♥

So while we put on our everyday makeup we never really think of how much the products all add up to, and when I did a blogpost about it I couldn't believe how much it was when it was all put together. So I tried to put a 'full face' of makeup together that came below €30. I put full face in quotations because it would be more suited a light day makeup than night due to not having bronzers etc.

University Survival Kit - Gift Idea

Back in July it was my best friends birthday and as she's starting University I decided to make her present theme a survival kit for uni. Really it was just for fun but you could also use this idea to actually help the person with stuff they will need and help them with supplies they may need for their course. I ofcourse wrapped all these up and wrote a note on each present relating as to why she would need it for her uni life.

Lush Godiva Review

For part of my birthday present I got a shampoo bar from Lush as I've been wanting to try one for awhile now, so I was so happy to receive one.
Honestly I didn't have high expectations for this at all and I really don't know why I guess I thought it just would be sore to rub against your scalp and that I would only get about 3 uses out of it.

Dream Dots ♥

So I recently won these Dream Dots from a competition on their official twitter page (you can find here) and was really excited to give these a try. 

Songs On Repeat ♥

Recently I find myself listening to these 6 songs on repeat so decided to share them with you. I've linked the videos below incase you have yet to hear any of these songs. Enjoy!
Break Free | Shake It Off | Black Widow | Bang Bang | Anaconda | All About That Bass
What songs are you loving recent…

A Quick Stop In Boots ♥

I can never go into town without popping into boots, today I told myself I'd be fast as I only wanted to buy a white foundation (they had none sadly), but as per usual I find myself at the till paying for things before I even notice

The Boots in town finally got a Bourjois stand and my god when I seen it I almost screamed! Boots while you're on a roll can we also have a Sleek stand.  So obviously I had to buy something as a celebratory thing right? I picked up the Bronzing and Highlighting powder, I was just going to get the bronzer but decided why not just get the mix. So I'm beyond excited to give this a try!

So I've found one of my Autumn coloured lipsticks! How gorgeous is this colour! The Rimmel moisture renew lipsticks are amazing, they're so pigmented and such a creamy product. This is in the colour '470 Glam Plum Fulham'

Samples ♥

Samples are a great way to try out new products before deciding if they are for you or not, and lets be honest there is nothing fun about spending €30+ on a product and then it not living up to your expectations. So here are the few samples I picked up in the past month.