So I recently won these Dream Dots from a competition on their official twitter page (you can find here) and was really excited to give these a try. 

Dream Dots claim that " when you have an emergency spot problem, simply pop on a Dream Dot overnight patch for blemish-busting action that really 'hits the spot' ." They're animal cruelty free and vegan which as soon as I see mentioned about a product I already love it!

So did these work? Well I waited until I got one of those pesky under the skin sore spots and popped on a Dream Dot before going to bed and the next morning the redness had definitely gone down alot! After 2 more nights of using them the spot had completely disappeared so I didn't have to worry about a little scab or scar on my face. 
The Dots themselves are so thin that if you're as pale as me (talking snow white pale) you can get away with wearing it during the day if you feel conscious of the spot as it blends right into the skin and it hides the redness when on the skin.
These have worked really well for me and I will definitely be purchasing another box when I run out. 
You can purchase Dream Dots for €14.95 with free shipping on there website here

Have you tried Dream Dots?