Nail Polish in Lemon Sorbet *
Nail Dust in Glitz *

When W7 kindly sent me a nail polish and cosmic nail dust duo to try I couldn't wait to paint my nails. I received both products in yellow which definitely is great for a colour pop. 
I also used a W7 crackle polish that I received as a christmas gift about 2 years ago in the colour Mauve.
I was expecting the glitter to be disastrous to use because it was in a tub and I'm clumsy when it comes to these things so I was prepared for a mess! However I was so surprised no mess was made as you can squeeze the top of the tube allowing you to control how much glitter you want out at a time. I thought this was such a great idea as you eliminate any messiness of glitter straight away!
Along with having a nail polish range W7 also have a large cosmetics range that you should check out, I really love the look of the box bronzers and blushers, the packaging is just so eye catching! 

Have you tried any W7 cosmetics?