Makeup Revolution is becoming one of my favourite affordable brands and I have to say the quality of their cosmetics are amazing. 
I've purchased 6 of their lipsticks so far and decided to share the amazing buys with yous! The lipsticks are so pigmented and for only €1.20 how could you go wrong.

I also adore their packaging, which shows the colour on top and if you actually pull the cap off (I didn't intend on doing this it actually popped off because it got stuck in bubble wrap when opening the package) it's actually product inside. I dont know why I'm amazed at this, I thought it was just like honestly I don't know what I thought was in it but the fact its product is just amazing!

I find these lipsticks to glide on so smooth as their so creamy, except for the 'nude' one. I dont know why but the nude is very waxy and I would suggest putting some lipbalm on and then applying it to the lips as it just makes it that little more easier. However the other colours all glide on so lovely. Also they smell really nice but I really don't know of what, like I can't pin the scent to what it is.

Staying Power
Obviously for £1/€1.20 you can't expect miracles and you do have to reapply these throughout the day but that won't hurt anyone! 

I have to say I didn't expect much from these lipsticks but my judgement was so wrong, I adore how creamy and pigmented they are.
Out of all of them '100% Vamp' is definitely my absolute favourite!. Its such a deep purple that it almost looks black and it is just the most perfect shade for Autumn.
The brand have tons of colours to offer and for £1/€1.20 they are definitely worth giving them a try. I'm already guilty of making another wishlist that obviously includes a couple more lipsticks. 

Have you tried any Makeup Revolution lipsticks?