University Survival Kit - Gift Idea

Back in July it was my best friends birthday and as she's starting University I decided to make her present theme a survival kit for uni. Really it was just for fun but you could also use this idea to actually help the person with stuff they will need and help them with supplies they may need for their course. I ofcourse wrapped all these up and wrote a note on each present relating as to why she would need it for her uni life.

So sadly because this was back in early July before I started my blog I don't have photos of all the individual items so I'll list them below with the note I wrote on each one:

- Sweets: Peanut butter m&m's and Reeses whoppers.
(note: When a sugar rush is needed for boring classes)
- One serving tub of Lucky Charms
(note: For when Breakfast becomes on the go)
- A pair of Stitch earrings
(note: For when fellow students just won't shut up)
-Ariel Shower Cap
(note: This had nothing to do with the theme you just like this princess)
- Music CD
(note: To get your artistic senses tingling part of a private joke
- iPhone 5 Cover
(note: snazzy art students must have cool looking phones)
- The virgin university survival guide book (this was a joke but I couldnt not get it)
(note: To know the in's and out's of uni)
- An Elsa keyring
(note: To help you not to lose your locker keys)
- A tumbler cup
(note: For snazzy looking drinks on the go)
- Essie mini nail polish set of 4
(note: To make sure your nails always look nice)
- David & Goliath tshirt
(note: Gotta be having style while in Uni)
- A journal
(note: to help keep track of work to be done and deadlines)
- Frozen Sponges
(note: Wishy Washy)
- Frozen shower gel
(note: Gotta be smelling nice for potential millionaires)
- Frozen detangling spray
(note: No ratchet hair allowed in uni)

and of course a card, which I thought was fab so I had to show you all! 

I then made up a 'How to be Popular guide for dummies' and printed it out and laminated it so it would look a little better, I also made a pie chart of 'what you should be doing according to' (I could have wrote so much in this but I decided to keep the whole present PG so yeah) Also the How to be popular one the so called 'rules' are actually lyrics from songs (can you guess any?) Really these two sheets were just to make the theme more noticeable!  Heres a closer version of the two

Like I said it's a really fun idea if you know someone who has recently started Uni as you can literally fill it with anything! I hope you enjoyed this different kind of post. 


  1. I absolutely love this I would have loved it when I states uni!!

  2. this is such a cute idea.. i would love someone to get me this for when i start uni in 2 weeks haha x

  3. Such a sweet, personal idea; I wish someone had given me this when I started uni. I did a similar thing for my friend for her birthday just before V Festival once (a festival survival kit almost); I had great fun doing it! Danielle x

    frontière girl

    1. A festival one sounds so cool! Thanks for reading :) x

  4. What a fun idea! I wish someone made ME this when I was in school lol


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